Currently Crushing On: All Things Miami

Jun 24, 2013

Off to Miami tomorrow for work of course but I will squeeze in some sun and fun on the down time. I wanted that gorgeous retro inspired swimsuit up there by River Island but they didn't have my size : / I always do that. I see something I like and then wait too long to get it and its sold out, oh well. I did get this really cute Jessica Simpson one though. Anyways, if I could have had a little shopping trip before tomorrow's trip, this would have been all I wanted to get.

Luxe for Less: Gwen does Stripes

Jun 21, 2013

Look as chic and causal as Gwen Stefani for less than $100 with all these wallet friendly goodies. We all know maxi dresses are the lazy girls way to go for the summer. A simple horizontal stripe print in this season's black and white color trend is a no-brainer. Give it an edge with the spike collar necklace and some classiness with the Audrey Hepburn-esque cat-eye sunglasses and you're good to go anywhere this summer.

Lunch Break Craving: Mini Skorts

Jun 19, 2013

The skort is the best of both worlds, party in the front and business in the back. I've been eyeing this baby at Zara for a while but I couldn't decide which color to get. That is until I found it on eBay for less than $10 bucks and now I'm so getting both. Okay so the quality won't be exactly the same from Zara's but this a trendy piece and if it's on sale why not get it. I love eBay because you can find trendy pieces for like half to a third of its original price. eBay sellers are getting it directly from the factories in China, Korea and Australia and in doing this they're are cutting out the middle man and saving us a ton of money. I'm not against retailers or anything but sometimes you don't want to spend a certain amount of money on something you know you can find for less.

Zara: Mini Skort

Fashion Vocabulary

Classic: a style that has been around for a long time or comes back in style over and over. (ex: trench coat, little black dress) Splurging on classic items can be done because you are going to wear this item for a long time, think of it as a cost-per-wear type of thing.

Fad(Trendy): a style that is popular for a short amount of time, hint it faded away. (ex: huge shoulder pads, acid wash jeans) Saving on trendy items is smart because you don't want a closet full of expensive things you don't fee comfortable wearing again.

ALERT: J.crew Sample Sale Today !

Jun 18, 2013

Don't say I never gave you anything. For those of you in the New York City area the J.crew sample sale begins TODAY. They're offering up to 60% off on women's, men's, kids, accessories and Madewell. I'm so going to find some hot pink shorts, boyfriend jeans, and maybe a great necklace.

J.crew Sample Sale
260 5th avenue btw. 28th and 29th street
June 18th - June 23
10am - 9pm

And those of you not in the NYC area enjoy the 30% off at their factory store website.

Splurge or Save: Gold Metal Sandals

Jun 17, 2013

I've been window stocking these Steve Madden sandals for a while now, but I'm just waiting for them to start giving away their little discount scratch off cards. I've learned my lesson with them. One day I bought a pair of boots full price and the next day they up to 40% discount scratch off cards, you know my wallet was mad. 

Anyways, I first saw these babies by Guiseppe Zanotti and fell in love but let's be real it's not realistic for me to walk around wearing $800 sandals, while I still have student loans to pay off. So, when I saw the Steve Madden version I decided these will be my go-to sandals this summer just waiting on that scratch off card.

Fashion Film Friday: The Great Gatsby

Jun 15, 2013

Better late than never right? I know it's technically Saturday morning but I just couldn't put this baby together faster, not until I felt it was great. And here it is. I finally watched The Great Gatsby on Thursday and loved it. I wanted to kick myself for not seeing it sooner. It's one of my favorite books of all time. I love the scenery, the parties, the love story, the betrayal, and of course the fashions.

For those of you who haven't read or seen The Great Gatsby let me give you a little recap:
Jay Gatsby met the wonderfully poised Daisy Buchanan five years prior before going to war. When he met Daisy he pretended he was wealthy to win her over because he knew a lady of her status wouldn't notice him if he didn't have status. Daisy promised to wait for Gatsby until after the war was over. But instead she married Tom Buchanan, a very wealthy aristocrat. Gatsby was devastated but was still determined to win Daisy back. So, he gets involved in a lot of illegal businesses, mainly selling liquor, to win his millions. He buys an estate directly across the dock of Daisy and Tom's estate. He throws elaborate  parties every weekend where people from all over New York City come to celebrate. Gatsby does this to hopefully win Daisy back by having her walk in to one of his parties. But then it just so happens Daisy's cousin, Nick Carraway, moves in to the home next to Gatsby's. He wins Nick's friendship and convinces him to invite Daisy for tea so that he can reunite with his long lost love. I don't want to say any more and give anymore away if you haven't read this or seen the movie, so all I will say is don't expect a happy ending, but the movie is beautiful nonetheless.

On My Nook: Rule by Jay Crownover

Jun 13, 2013

Rule by Jay Crownover:

Rule Archer is the ultimate bad boy, tattoo and piercings included (hidden piercings too). 
Shaw Landon is a spoiled lost rich girl, Rule's family took in as one of their own, as well as his dead 
twin brother's girlfriend, or so he thinks. 

Shaw has lived her life according to her parents rules all her life. They basically tell her what to wear and who to date etc. They don't set these rules because they care about her but more so to keep their social status intact with the who's who of their community. Remy, Rule's dead twin brother, took Shaw under his wing when she was thirteen. And the Archer family being the way they are took her in as a daughter. Remy and Shaw were inseparable, leading everyone to assume they were an item. 

Fast-forward three years later and the book starts with Shaw walking into Rule's apartment to him knocked out naked with some girl in his bed. When Rule sees Shaw he nonchalantly gets up to get dressed as if this were an ordinary thing because in their relationship it is. Shaw's use to seeing Rule naked in bed with random girls so she decides to wait in the car. 

So let me explain, Remy died three years ago in a car accident when he was on his way to pick up a drunk Rule at a party. See Remy was the perfect twin who always did as he was told and Rule was the outcast who never did as he was told. Remy's death shook the Archer family to its core. Margot, the mother can't even look at Rule because she blames him for Remy's death. The father just lets the family fall apart because he's still grieving Remy's death. And Rome the older brother can't take the family's hostility, so he joins the army to stay away from the drama. This leaves Shaw as the glue trying to keep the Archer family together. Every Sunday the Archer's attempt to be civil with a brunch and at the end they always end up fighting. Shaw picks Rule up every Sunday because her driving him to his parents house is the only way he'll go visit the family he feels hates him for existing. 

You might be wondering why Shaw deals with Rule's asshole ways and puts up with him every Sunday, very simple she's been in love with him ever since she first stepped foot into the Archer household. But Rule always saw her as a spoiled brat and his brother's girl. Until one night everything changes and the I've-never-felt-any-type-of-feelings-for-a-girl-ever Rule starts to see Shaw as more than just a brat and more like an actual woman. 

This book is so good, so full of melodrama, angsty, and sexual tension it literally has sparks. When these two opposites attract the chemistry is undeniable. There's family drama, jealous, sex, betrayal, secrets, and even a stalker ex-boyfriend who won't catch a hint. So, what are you waiting for? Go get this book and get some good angsty melodrama in your dreary life.

Fashion Scoop: H&M goes Très Chic

As you all know by now the wonderful très chic Isabel Marant will be collaborating on a line for none other than H&M. Yup, you heard right H&M where all us aspiring fashionistas shop to get runway trends on a friendly budget. 

I can just see it now, gorgeous model off-duty inspired outfits and dare I say updated wedge sneakers oh my !

Finally, American women everywhere can achieve the Parisian look without breaking bank. For those of you not familiar with the parisian flare, it's basically looking impeccably fabulous while at the same time looking like you just got out of bed and threw on the first thing you found because yes you look good in anything.

November 14th I'm going to need you to hurry up already. Look at this way we'll all have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving : )

Lauren Conrad the Contemporary Martha Stewart

Jun 11, 2013

1. Ella Bedding Set in Blue // 2. Ella Bedding Set in Pink // 3. Allie Ruffle Coverlet Set // 4. Chloe Flower Matchbox Decorative Pillow // 5. Bouquet Duvet Cover Set // 6. Tea Party Laser Cut Decorative Pillow

First she was a reality star stuck in a teenage love triangle now she's a best-selling author, fashion designer, beauty guru and now home decor designer. Can we say modern day Martha Stewart please! I've been obsessed with all things Lauren Conrad ever since she was in that awkward love triangle with  Stephen and Kristen in Laguna Beach. Then I watched her and Whitney on The Hills taking over Teen Vogue and People's Revolution. Now, she makes the cutest clothes for Kohl's and her other line Paper Crown. And her beauty and style guides are so refreshing and easy to follow. Basically, she's our generations Martha Stewart. Girls want to be her (including me) and guys want to get with her (including my boyfriend).

Healthy Bauble: Seasoned Cucumbers

Want a healthy crunchy snack like chips but without the fat and greasy fingers? Try some seasoned cucumbers.

You can add whatever type of seasoning you prefer and viola you have a healthy filling snack. I love to add some lemon juice, pepper and cayenne pepper (a little goes a long way). And guess what a cucumber has only 45 to 50 calories each.

Promotes healthy skin and hair
Aids in weight loss
Helps with digestion
Fight cancer
Reduces cholesterol and arthritis pain
Beneficial for teeth and gums
Rehydrates body
Controls blood pressure

Spur of the Moment Shopping Spree: F21

Jun 9, 2013

7. Sperry Angelfish Slip-on Boat Shoe // 8. Floral Lace Tee // 9. Soft Skinny Jeans

Last week I went into the gigantic Forever 21 on Times Square and I couldn't help myself. Warning if you're going to go to this particular store make sure to go in the morning because in the afternoon it gets crazy crowded. Did you know they have $10 jeans! And they actually fit pretty good. And obviously those Sperry's aren't from Forever 21, I got them at Marshall's. Sperry's are my ultimate go-to shoe, they are so comfortable and functional.

Trend Watch: The Romper Room

Jun 6, 2013

Summer is approaching and shorts and skirts are getting shorter. As my lovely friend Alicia from Its Lattes & Lace would say its booty-cutter time! You know when your shorts are so short you see a little glimpse of the butt cheek. Not that I will be wearing those but hey if you've been doing squats all winter long and can't wait to show off that firm butt by all means go ahead. 

What I love about summer is the simple act of dressing up. There's no need to layer and worry about it being chilly outside. You know whatever you dress in will suffice. It doesn't get any easier then rompers. Pick a cute color and a flattering silhouette and you're good to go. No need to worry about if your shirt goes with a certain short or skirt. Just throw it on, put some sandals on, and run a comb through that hair.

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