Pure Perfection

Jun 25, 2012

If there was one outfit I would wear everyday for the rest of my life it would be this one. In my eyes its just perfection. It has the 50's hint with the full skirt and cat eye sunglasses and the 60's hint with the bit of the skin showing. I love a good bold print and this is bold. From top to bottom it is perfect, the hair has an old Hollywood glamour feel to it and the sandals look so comfy. The Sartorialist did an excellent job scooping this look out in Milan. I just love this Dolce and Gabbana look, you just feel the Italian flair and can't help but picture Sophia Loren.

Dello Russo Moment

So, while in Milan shopping at 10 Corso Como, the "It" store to shop at as some would say in Milan I bumped into none other than the Great Anna Dello Russo. Yes, her the lady who dares to wear all those crazy outfits designers make and we all look like who is actually going to wear that, well she does. Also, known as the editor of Vogue Japan. My friend the fabulous Fabiola Michele idolizes this woman and the entire trip was saying I wish I could see her. I was walking around this store and noticed these beautiful floral pants and then I saw her face and I was like noooo can't be what are the chances. After kind of stalking Miss Dello Russo to make sure it was her and not look like a fool, I told Fabiola and I'm telling you her face lit up.To make a long story short Anna is such a sweetheart because the whole time all she could say was "you guys are great you really made my day". Love her and her style. Kudos to this down to earth fabulous fashionista.

Fairy Godmother to be !

On a quick off fashion side note, I'm gonna be a GODMOTHER ! My older brother and I will be godparents to my sister Sapphire's new little bundle of joy due in August : ) I'm so excited ! I really don't know why because if this just means responsibilities if god forbid something happens to my sister and her husband, but I'm still excited because I'm honored. And I love big chunky babies and my sister can have the cutest chunkiest babies. Enough about me, here is is my sister's blog, it's a very DIY Super Mommy type of blog if you know what I mean. My Pollitos a.k.a My little Chickies.

Lunch Break Craving

Jun 21, 2012

This simple play suit with rorschach floral images would be wonderful to wear right now with this unbearable heat in New York City.

My New Babies

Jun 19, 2012

My first Chanel flats and I love them. I'm not even saying this because they're "Chanel" but because they are ridiculously comfortable. You know how flats sometimes cut at the back of your ankle or just squeeze your toes, these don't. They feel like a second skin and this is coming from someone who has sensitive feet and all shoes are uncomfortable to wear. I want to go back to Paris and get them in all colors. 

If you want to buy anything Chanel and are in Paris buy it because its $200 to $300 less : )

I'm Back !

 I'm back from my trip to Paris and Milan and I can't wait to share all I saw on this blog. I'm so determined to make this blog my priority that I even bought a weekly blog planner to help me keep organized and have no excuses or distractions not to blog.

Au revoir !
Ciao !
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