A Little Inspiration . . .

Mar 25, 2013

While in school I always thought I knew exactly what type of career I wanted but now being in the quote on quote real world you realize things change. I wanted that top job that everyone would be like wow that's your job, you know the predictable one. I believe this saying so much now after getting a job I never thought I would want or like and now absolutely loving it. I got my current job while in college through a friends recommendation. I hated the job at first because it was your typical bottom of the ladder job, but I loved the people I worked with. So, I figured if only I could also love what I did. I took notes, asked a lot of questions and eventually became interested in sales. When I graduated I knew I wanted to do something creative in the product development field. Never would I have thought I'd be doing sales, someone who hates to socialize if she doesn't have too. But I love it so far, I get to work with awesome people and create jewelry and accessories for their specific customers. I knew my job had potential so I stopped being negative, worked my way up and created my perfect job : )

Lunch Break Craving: I Wish It Were Summer

Mar 19, 2013

It snowed Friday and it snowed yesterday and I'm over it. ASOS and all the websites I like to shop at keep posting new swim suits I want and Summer is no where near and Spring is suppose to begin next week but mother nature isn't really liking New York right now. Lets just imagine the weather is nice out and I'm actually going to beach because if I were I'd be wearing these beauties.

NYFW Fall 2013: City Chic

Mar 18, 2013

This season Rebecca Taylor made her girly girl not such a girly girl anymore. Last seasons floral prints and flirty dresses became this seasons biker jackets and punk-like trousers.

When interviewed about her Fall collection Rachel Zoe called it "English/Seventies/Equestrian" and I couldn't agree more. You can still see her boho-chic style with more of an east coast vibe.

Nanette Lepore is the epitome of contemporary women's wear. She created the prefect two-piece non-fussy suits, cool moto jackets, and adorable sequins tops for a night out.

Fashion Film Friday: An Education

Mar 15, 2013

A coming-of-age story about a teenage girl in 1960s suburban London, and how her life changes with the arrival of a playboy nearly twice her age. 

If you love London, Paris, Romance, Drama, Fashion, 60's Fashion to be exact you'll enjoy this amazing movie.

On My Nook: Flat-Out-Love by Jessica Park

Mar 14, 2013

Julie is fresh out of high school from a small town in Ohio. She can't wait to start college in Boston and live on her own. If only she would have doubled checked that Craigslist apartment ad to see if it was legit she wouldn't have been stranded without a place to live in front of a Mexican restaurant. Julie calls her mom, who actually doesn't freak out that she just paid 2-months rent for a non-existent apartment and calls her room ate from college who lives in Boston to help Julie.

Matt, Julie's mom's roommate, son picks Julie up. Matt is the biggest geek with the sweetest heart. When they arrive at the Watkins household Matt warns Julie about how eccentric his little sister Celeste is. Turns out Celeste carries around a life-size flat cut out of her older brother Finn everywhere. And the whole family actually encourages this 13-year old to go about like this is normal. Julie plays along with the family sensing this charade is something they are doing for Celeste. As Julie gets to know the family she notices Erin, the mother is never around, or the father Robert. Matt drives Celeste everywhere even makes her food, kind of like her nanny. Julie finds it sweet he cares so much for his sister but finds it unfair he can't have a life because his parents are never there for Celeste.

As Julie gets to know the family she also gets to know the other brother Finn,who is traveling the world, via Facebook chat and they begin a year long online relationship. Celeste in way becomes Celeste babysitter and makes it her goal to get this extremely smart girl to stop being so shy and to not be afraid to socialize. But every time Julie thinks she makes a break through with Celeste, her family just enables her more. This frustrates Julie and she wants to know why this teenager is treated like a porcelain doll and why she carries a life size cardboard of her brother. But not even Finn will tell her why and Matt just tells her to stop asking questions. When Julie, tells her psychology professor about the family she is staying with he tells her something very drastic happened to this family to make them all act this way and this just makes Julie more determined to find out the family secret.

This book is filled with funny, quirky, witty humor. It will make you cry your eyes out too when you find out the secret. The twist will have you saying WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! You will love the emails, instant messages, facebook updates, and not so much the catfish situation. Definitely one of my favorite books because of its uniqueness.

Wish I Were Wearing: Two-Tones

Mar 13, 2013

Post inspired by Walk in Wonderland's Chrome Oxfords post.

Those silver oxfords are adorable and I would love to wear them with a contrasting bag like this rose gold satchel to compliment it. I would wear both with a neutral denim shirt and black pants to have the metallic's stand out.

Lunch Break Craving: Crystal Rhinestone Necklace

Mar 12, 2013

I want this necklace ! Isn't it so pretty?! And I love that its on lucite to give it a modern twist.

Mod About Mad Men for Banana Rebublic

Mar 7, 2013

 Mad Men Collection for Banana Republic for the third time and I think third time is a charm. Mad Men is one of my all time favorite shows. The witty humor and dialogue, the fashion, the men, the women just amazing. Love that this collection has pieces you could so see Megan Draper wearing, also known as Don Draper's, John Hamm, second fabulously fashionable looking wife. Who stole the show last season singing Zou Bisou Bisou, loved that performance.

Little Black & White Dresses for Spring

Mar 6, 2013

Little black dresses are a must have staple overall but for this upcoming season according to the Spring/Summer 2013 runway shows the Black & White trend is the way to go. Which I'm kind of loving because you still get that sense of classiness with the black but the white adds edge and modernizes the LBD staple. 

Splurge or Save: Tangerine Jackets

Mar 4, 2013

Spring is on its way and slowly but surely getting a bit warmer. And what I love most about spring is JACKETS! Yes, jackets because there are so many cute ones to choose from especially at Zara. But how cute is this Mossimo by Target one. I know the descriptions for both say coats but according to New York winters trust me this is a jacket.

A Little Inspiration . . .

Amen ! Definitely ! You have to go through hard times in order to make it to your best. Because lets face it nothing in life is free, everything comes with a cost. So, whenever I'm going through a tough time I just like to think to myself "Damn my life is just going to be fabulous one day", and I suck it up and deal.

source: pinterest

NYFW Fall 2013: Dark Romance

Mar 3, 2013

 Vera Wang's collection was filled with florals, peplums, and sparkles but it had a hint of darkness with its contrasting blacks, grays, and furs.

 Yigal Azrouel's collection had a hard edge to it but it was balanced out with the body fitting just a tad revealing dresses.

  At Kaufmanfranco it was all about being a hot spy or possibly a bond woman. The fur coats, leather skirts and thigh high boots were amazingly sexy yet sophisticated.

The long ponytail made the models look like femme fatale warriors in draped to perfection dresses at Donna Karan.

Fashion Film Friday: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Mar 1, 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of both my favorite books and movies. The book follows Charlie a wallflower in high school and through out the book you see through his eyes all the different personalities in high school. What makes Charlie special is that he says what everyone is thinking but is afraid to say. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Why do nice people choose the wrong people to date? Charlie, we accept the love we think we deserve."

The Perks of Being a Wallflower:

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