Trend Watch: The Romper Room

Jun 6, 2013

Summer is approaching and shorts and skirts are getting shorter. As my lovely friend Alicia from Its Lattes & Lace would say its booty-cutter time! You know when your shorts are so short you see a little glimpse of the butt cheek. Not that I will be wearing those but hey if you've been doing squats all winter long and can't wait to show off that firm butt by all means go ahead. 

What I love about summer is the simple act of dressing up. There's no need to layer and worry about it being chilly outside. You know whatever you dress in will suffice. It doesn't get any easier then rompers. Pick a cute color and a flattering silhouette and you're good to go. No need to worry about if your shirt goes with a certain short or skirt. Just throw it on, put some sandals on, and run a comb through that hair.


  1. I adore rompers–mostly because they're SO easy! Just one piece and you're done. I DO try to avoid them at concerts or something though...they can be kind of difficult to go to the bathroom in haha

  2. Love this trend so much, such an easy way to dress this summer and I love how there are so many variations to choose from!

    - J

  3. You have such an inspirational blog , I love it !!
    Thank you for the comments xoxo

  4. Rompers are my obsession right now! I love number 6! So cute!

  5. They're all pretty and perfect for this summer. The ones in the first row are my favorite.

  6. I love rompers and playsuits! They remind me so much of that "Lolita" trend where you can wear one with a cute pair of sunglasses, sandals, and just lounge by the pool. Love number 7 and 8 the most! <3


  7. Yeah!!Totally agree with Alyssa,so easy in times but sometimes a difficult choice... Great blog Cinthia!! =D

  8. Lovely post!!

    xx Mounia

  9. all of those rompers are awesome!



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