Eternal Optimism

Mar 25, 2012

A beautiful editorial from Vogue by Craig McDean which shows how Spring is all about positive dressing. You know how as soon as it gets warm outside and you don't have to wear your big heavy coat anymore and squeeze in between people on the subway, all of a sudden you feel a since of positivity. Its like a weight is lifted off you literally and you can start wearing those cute and colorful items you've been buying all season long.

source: vogue

Adele & Lana del rey

Both of these ladies are constantly on repeat on my ipod and on spotify. Of course I had to buy both of these glossies because they look so gorgeous. I love that both their voices are so old school and sultry. And I'm so happy not to hear the same catchy overally auto toned pop songs over and over again. It's nice to listen to singers who were inspired by great artist like Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James.

Damask Skinny Jeans

Just got these babies on Friday at Forever 21 for $29.80.
They've been sold out for a month and I finally found them. Thank god for the buyer who
decided to reorder on these babies. Now, I just gotta find a perfect pair leopard skinnies.

Things That Made My Week

Mar 11, 2012

Just a couple of snapshots from this week that brought me some joy: Kobe my cute 
puppy, my new Marni for H&M jacket, my messy desk where I spend most of my
time at work, and my new rose gold studded rings.

So in love . . . . .

Mar 4, 2012

I don't know what I'm more in love with, their outfits or the fact that they look so happy. Olivia always looks so effortless and her boyfriend Johannes looks like a modern Don Draper. I can't wait to see the official photo shoot photos to know who made her perfect little black dress that keeps reminding of the new Mad Men season coming up. 

 source: zimbio


Mar 2, 2012

Right now this is so relevant to my life. You know when you're at that stage when you feel like you're an adult, but then sometimes you feel you're still a kid. I feel like I'm at that stage where my life long dreams now have to become plans because time is ticking.

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