On My Nook: Rule by Jay Crownover

Jun 13, 2013

Rule by Jay Crownover:

Rule Archer is the ultimate bad boy, tattoo and piercings included (hidden piercings too). 
Shaw Landon is a spoiled lost rich girl, Rule's family took in as one of their own, as well as his dead 
twin brother's girlfriend, or so he thinks. 

Shaw has lived her life according to her parents rules all her life. They basically tell her what to wear and who to date etc. They don't set these rules because they care about her but more so to keep their social status intact with the who's who of their community. Remy, Rule's dead twin brother, took Shaw under his wing when she was thirteen. And the Archer family being the way they are took her in as a daughter. Remy and Shaw were inseparable, leading everyone to assume they were an item. 

Fast-forward three years later and the book starts with Shaw walking into Rule's apartment to him knocked out naked with some girl in his bed. When Rule sees Shaw he nonchalantly gets up to get dressed as if this were an ordinary thing because in their relationship it is. Shaw's use to seeing Rule naked in bed with random girls so she decides to wait in the car. 

So let me explain, Remy died three years ago in a car accident when he was on his way to pick up a drunk Rule at a party. See Remy was the perfect twin who always did as he was told and Rule was the outcast who never did as he was told. Remy's death shook the Archer family to its core. Margot, the mother can't even look at Rule because she blames him for Remy's death. The father just lets the family fall apart because he's still grieving Remy's death. And Rome the older brother can't take the family's hostility, so he joins the army to stay away from the drama. This leaves Shaw as the glue trying to keep the Archer family together. Every Sunday the Archer's attempt to be civil with a brunch and at the end they always end up fighting. Shaw picks Rule up every Sunday because her driving him to his parents house is the only way he'll go visit the family he feels hates him for existing. 

You might be wondering why Shaw deals with Rule's asshole ways and puts up with him every Sunday, very simple she's been in love with him ever since she first stepped foot into the Archer household. But Rule always saw her as a spoiled brat and his brother's girl. Until one night everything changes and the I've-never-felt-any-type-of-feelings-for-a-girl-ever Rule starts to see Shaw as more than just a brat and more like an actual woman. 

This book is so good, so full of melodrama, angsty, and sexual tension it literally has sparks. When these two opposites attract the chemistry is undeniable. There's family drama, jealous, sex, betrayal, secrets, and even a stalker ex-boyfriend who won't catch a hint. So, what are you waiting for? Go get this book and get some good angsty melodrama in your dreary life.


  1. ah i need to check out this book for my next travel! a good book and a long flight are perfect



  2. Oooh this sounds awesome! Too bad it's only in ebook form - I have a strong dislike for ebooks LOL - I prefer paper form BUT I am going to make an exception! ;o) don't tell!


  3. yayayayayay! I JUSt finished reading a book last night and was wondering what I should read next. This sounds awesome!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    Holly Foxen Wells


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