Going to the IFB Conference ?!

Jan 31, 2013

Contemplating whether I should by my ticket to the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference on February 6th & 7th here in New York. I've never gone to a blogging event and it seems like a good idea for inspiration, networking and tips. After graduating I decided to really focus on blogging this summer so technically I would consider this my first year of blogging, so maybe going to this would be a good idea. Just wondering if any of you guys are going? Or if any of you guys have attended any type of blogging conference before and if so did you enjoy it and take any cool tips from it?

I would love you hear your opinions : )

Bon Qui Qui is Back !

Jan 30, 2013

I was super excited when I found out Bon qui qui from Mad TV was making a comeback and even more because it was in the fashion world. If I didn't already like Alexander Wang now I love him even more because of his sense of humor. The fact that he got Bon qui qui to do a small skit for his website instead of a bunch of models prancing around to house music made my heart skip a few beats.

For those of you who don't know Bon qui qui you must check out the video below and get a good laugh this morning. Two years ago I dressed as her for Halloween, yes I wore those gold and red hair curl extensions and the pointy nails with the bad 90's black lip liner and walked around in public like this. But unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures. Before I forget Bon qui qui's real name is Anjelah Johnson and she does great stand up comedy. If your bored one day or need a good laugh check her out on youtube.

Wildfox . . . As If !

Jan 29, 2013

Okay, so how cute is this look book by Wildfox paying homage to like the best movie of the 1990's everrrrr Clueless ! 

Cher: Been shopping with Dr. Suess? 
Dionne: Well at least I wouldn't skin a collie to make my back pack. 
Cher: It's faux. 

Cher: Would you call me selfish? 
Dionne: No, not to your face. 

Cher: Sporadically. It means once in a while. Try to use it in a sentence. 
Josh: [later] Be seeing you. 
Tai: Yeah, I hope not sporadically. 

  1. Cher: I have direction...
  2. Josh: Yeah, towards the mall.

  1. Cher: No, she's a full-on Monet.
  2. Tai: What's a Monet?
  3. Cher: It's like a painting, see? From far away, it's okay, but up close it's a big old mess.

Trend Watch: Aztec Comfort

Jan 28, 2013

Last weekend I went to my brother's fiance bridesmaid dress fitting and instead of paying attention to the dresses in front of me I wanted the aztec cardigan her sister was wearing. They just look so comfy to me and I feel like you can throw it on and it can bring any outfit together. As you can see in the three images above you can go grunge, preppy, or hippie with this cardigan.

A Little Inspiration . . .

It's Monday and its crunch time. This year I gave myself a gym membership as a christmas gift and last week I slacked. So today is a new day and I'm up early and ready to go. I'm not striving to be skinny, I'm striving to be healthy and feel good in anything I wear. I mean wouldn't it be great to go shopping and love how everything you try on looks on you right ?

Winter Skin Emergency !

Jan 23, 2013

It is FREEZING in NYC and if don't cover up that skin or moisturize you are not a pretty sight. My go-to face moisturizer when my skin is really dry is the Clinique Moisture Surge. This gel-like cream is heaven on your skin it literally leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for any type of weather. For days when its not so cold out I use the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer this a really great every day moisturizer, you definitely notice a difference on your face in a week. The La Mer cream I got as a sample because my budget does not let me splurge on $150 face moisturizer. If you have the money and have dry skin this cream is perfect for you, for me it was a little too much because I have an oily T-zone. 

If you have sensitive dry skin in the winter due to the weather and home heaters this Vaseline lotion is like crack for your skin. And what the bottle says is true in 3 days your skin is moisturized, doesn't itch any more and you could even go a day or two without wearing it that's how moisturizing it is.  The EOS Organic lip blam is always in my bag, can't leave the house without it and I love the sweet mint taste and smell. Blistiex is like the bible of all lip balms, your lips can be so dry and within 10 minutes of using this you have smooth lips again.

And The Best Dressed is . . . .

Jan 21, 2013

Better late than never right ? Didn't really get a chance to post this week because I was away on a work trip but I really wanted to post about my favorite Golden Globes gowns. I actually think I look forward to the Fashion Police with Joan Rivers more rather than the actual award shows. Here are my favorites in no particular order:

1. Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta 
2. Amy Adams in Marchesa
3. Taylor Swift in Donna Karan
4. Isla Fisher in Reem Acra
5. Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior

photo source: popsugar

A Little Inspiration . . .

Jan 14, 2013

Because if you didn't life would be really mundane and who wants to live an uneventful life. Currently, at my job I am trying to pursue sales something I have never done before. Its a bit scary because you're putting yourself out there for rejection. But I keep telling myself what's the worst a buyer can do just say no not interested in your collection right now. So, all I can do is take that as encouragement to work on a better collection and hopefully get further next time. On Wednesday, I'm going to Los Angeles and I'm so excited. Even though its my fourth time there its always fun to travel, plus I 'm helping out a fellow co-worker on his appointment so maybe I pick up a few tricks to help me with my strategy. Oh, and my other favorite co-worker is going too so we're just gonna eat, shop and hopefully tan is the weather permits.

On My Nook: Colleen Hoover

Jan 11, 2013

Okay, so I just had to do a review on all three books by Colleen Hoover together, who by the way is like my new favorite author because they are just that amazing. I'm really in to the New Adult genre since well I am a new adult and all, turning twenty-four tomorrow ( woop woop ). But yeah I'm loving this genre because its beyond vampires, werewolves, wizards, don't get me wrong I love me some Vampire Diaries, I am glued to that television come every Thursday. Back to the point so yeah New Adult is all about well being a new adult and all the difficulties and the joys that come with it. These books make you laugh, cry and feel all mushy inside all at the same time. They are just as good as Young Adult books, but with more how shall I put this less vulgar, um sex. They're are definitely not Fifty Shades of Grey status but they have their hints of heavy make-out sessions here and there. But enough of that:

Eighteen year old Layken's world has been turn upside down after her fathers sudden unexpected death. She's had to pick up and move to another state and be the rock for her mother and younger brother. She's losing all hope in ever being happy and she finally meets Will. Will Cooper is Layken's young twenty-one year neighbor, who is into slam poetry, and like Layken is feeling the pressure of taking care of his younger brother because of his lack of family. Long story short they eventually go on their first date and have amazing chemistry, but as fate would have it something unexpected happens that forces them apart. It becomes a daily struggle for them to hide their emotions when they must interact everyday and help take care of each others families.

Layken's and Will's relationship has been nothing but struggles and hardships but it has finally brought them together. Now, that they are together someone from Will's past comes back into his life and leaves Layken feeling hopeless again like she did before she met him. Something has happened to Layken that has her closing up on Will and Will is struggling to get through to her. Something horrible once again happens that makes them re-think ever questioning their foundation in the first place.

This one is a stand alone book that has nothing to so with the Slammed Series but omg is it crazy good. This books is like a mix of Law and Order SVU and The Notebook but with a bad boy in it. If you guys are into Young Adult books and have read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn its basically both these books together. I'm warning you this book is an intense emotional roller coaster in the best way possible. Seventeen year old Sky meets Dean Holder, the high school bad boy, who has a reputation she should be running away from, but for some reason she gravitates toward him. Dean scares her as well as makes her feel alive at the same time. But he makes memories she didn't want to remember of her past resurface. Sky eventually finds out Dean isn't who he claims to be and the secret he has been holding from her tears her life apart and leaves her not knowing who she is anymore.

My summaries don't do these books any justice because they have so many twists and turns and secrets I don't want to ruin it for you guys if you do read any of these books. Oh, and by the way there will be a third book in the Slammed series from Will's point of view coming out soon.

Splurge or Save: The Damask Jeans

Jan 10, 2013

I have the Forever 21 version of these jeans and there's not one day I don't wear them that I don't get a compliment. I feel that for trends that can easily fade you shouldn't spend so much money on. On the other had I think if your gonna buy a staple piece like a little black dress, a trench coat, or button up blouse you should consider the quality over the price, just sayin'.

Lunch Break Craving: Nook Case & Pinkberry

Jan 9, 2013

I've been reading so many books lately that I have decided that I need a stare worthy case for my lovely nook tablet. If I could spend $80 on a e-reader case without batting an eyelash I would for sure get this Marc by Marc Jacobs case. Which would go perfectly with the Marc by Marc Jacob bag and wallet my boyfriend just got me for Christmas. And you guys haven't gone to Pinkberry already please do so, its so delicious. And this is coming from some who can not stand yogurt. Pinkberry is frozen yogurt but to me it taste like ice cream and their new hazelnut flavor is to die for !

Trend Watch: Beanies

Jan 8, 2013

I don't know about where you guys are at but it has been freezing lately here in New York City. And the first thing I've been grabbing out of the house when going to work is my beanie hat. This is not the type of weather were you want to look cute and show off your hair style. No, its the I don't care what I look like I got my hat, my scarf, and my gloves and I'm good to go. So, for those of your dealing with cold weather too, here are some great beanie options.

Wish I Were Wearing: Leather X Gold

Jan 7, 2013

I love me a peplum shirt especially because I have a boyish shape and it flatters me. Since peplum shirts give off that girly feel I would pair it with a leather moto jacket to give it contrast. I have a thing for wearing things that are total opposites. Enough about that how beautiful is that Alexander Wang bag?!

Fashion Film Friday: The Notebook

Jan 4, 2013

The Notebook is the ultimate chic flick/ romance movie of all time. When you see this movie all you want is to have Noah and Allie's love story. If you haven't seen it, SEE IT ! You'll laugh, cry, be angry, smile all at the same time. Tomorrow ABC Family will show a special version of the movie with deleted scenes at 8pm eastern, you know I'll be watching.

LFW Spring 2013: Tough Mixed With Femme

Jan 3, 2013

Fashion Fringe is the equivalent of  Project Runway for us in the U.S., except they have no cameras and no challenges with rewards. This year the lucky winner was chosen by none other than Christoper Bailey, creative director of Burberry. These are my two favorite collections by Haizhen Wang and Teija Eilola.

In Marios Schwab's collection you obviously see the futuristic elements but you also see the hints of Greek culture. Loving the hints of lace and hidden fringe not overwhelming the looks

Plan Your Life Away in 2013

Jan 2, 2013

Yup, its 2013 and the world didn't end, now let's start planning great things. With technology the way it is today its so easy to just input everything on our iPhones, call me old fashion but I love seeing things in writing. I get a rush out of organizing my life and checking things off, pathetic I know but it is what is. During lunch or after work I will be on the hunt for the perfect planner, though I'm loving that polka dot Sarah Pinto one up there.

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