Reality is slowly sitting in

Nov 14, 2011

So, tomorrow is a semi-big day for me, its graduation picture day. It kind of just hit me
like in a year I'm not going to be a student. I'm going to be an adult, not that I'm not one
now just that I'm gonna be out in the real world. Reality is slowly sitting in that I'm getting
older and more responsibilities are piling up. It's scary and exciting all at the same time.
Anyways, here's a little preview of what I'm going to wear tomorrow. Not such an exciting 
outfit, but its classic, I don't want to look at this picture ten years from now and think what
the hell was I thinking.


A friend of mine stumbled upon this a couple of months ago and should this to me. We 
were so inspired we printed out and posted on our desks for daily inspiration. I like 
because its so simple and to the point just do what makes you happy and viola !

source: stumbleupon

If I had money....

Nov 8, 2011

I would have worn this today:
1. Bobbled Cable Knit Sweater: Anthroplogie $328
2. Current/Elliot Flared Jeans: $210
3. Alexander Wang Robyn Bag: $985
4. ACNE Track Leather Ankle Boots: $ 660
5. YSL Arty Ring: $250

Current Fall Wants

Nov 6, 2011

These are just a couple of items I want NOW ! I'm definitely trying to get within the next two weeks. Well at least the Isabel Marant look-a-like sweater and the ACNE inspired black boots.

1. Velvet Blazer: For Less: J.crew $168, For More: Etro $1,640
2. Mixed Pink Sweater: For Less: Zara $39.90, For More: Isabel Marant $315
3. Fashion Night Out Tee: Shopbop $40
4. Spike the Punch Necklace: Esty
5. Side Zip Ankle Boots: For Less: Topshop $150, For More: ACNE $570
6. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch $225
7. Lands' End Canvas Lace-up boots $98
8. J.crew Neon Pink laces $4

P.S. Notice that the Iasbel Marant look-a-like sweater at Zara is from the kids
section as well as the J.crew laces. Don't sleep on the kids section you can find
real cute things that fit for way less.

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