2014 - Create Your Amazing Destiny !

Dec 31, 2013

Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Make it not just a good one but an amazing one.
I've already decided 2014 will be my year. I know we all say this on New Years but I am committed
to make this my year. My faith in god and everything is bigger and stronger now. I don't consider
myself religious, I consider myself spiritual in the sense that I believe in staying positive and letting 
go.And most importantly I believe in not judging others and believing in the impossible because everything is possible if we keep positive.

I am making my own list of things I want to improve on in 2014 but this was a fun simple one I
stumbled upon on Pinterest I felt we all can kind of relate to. Every year I make list of goals for
myself and I may not accomplish everything but when I look at the year that passed I see the 
difference in myself and feel better because I did accomplish certain things. And all this does is 
give me more confidence that I can accomplish even more the next year. So sit down and right
your list of goals.

Definitely !
I just got engaged to my best friend, I have a great job and successful career ahead of me, a caring family, a close-knit group of amazing friends, my good health, a home to go to every day, a bright
future ahead, my very own first apartment to decorate, a wedding to plan and my faith in god will
keep growing everyday letting my know a shift is coming and 2014 will be AWESOME !

This is the beginning of forever to me and I wish all of you a very Happy New Year !!!

If any of you are looking for a book to help you keep positive I just started reading
Break Out by Joel Osteen last night and it's so good so far.

image source: my pinterest

A Little Inspiration . . .

Dec 23, 2013

Enough said ! You can dream all you want about accomplishing things but unless you get
out of bed and make things happen they're aren't going to magically occur. With hard work
comes a large payoff. It may take time but think of this way, this is something I have always
thought to feel better about where I'm at in life. "The harder your life is now the more fabulous
and great it will be later."

quote source: my pinterest

Gifts for the Fashion Blogger

Dec 22, 2013

Because we all have at least one fashionista or fashion blogger in our lives here are a couple of gift ideas. A t-shirt for the Instagram Selfie queen, a Starbucks gift card to keep the juices flowing for the blog ideas, or a chic Brittany Fuson Planner for the dedicated blogger.

Life Lately - I Said YES !

Dec 19, 2013

So this happened last week and I'm still not over it. I'm engaged ! After 7 years of dating he finally got the courage to pop the question, either that or I just annoyed him to the point of no return. Either way we're both happy and can't stop from calling each other fiancé, it's annoyingly adorable.
How did he do it you ask? Well see Jason is very how do we say hard headed and complicated in other words he's a man. I don't mean to men-bash but you will know why I say this in just a second. For the last year we've been talking about marriage and you know the future and what not. This whole time I thought we were on the same page. A week before he proposed I just asked him is there something holding you back because we seem so happy and both seem to want this but we were at a standstill. So I ask just asked is it the money or are you not ready. Guess what he said! "I'm not ready." Yup, he went there and I felt like a deflated balloon animal. My feelings and dream of a wedding in the nearby future went down the drain. For a week I gave him the attitude from hell. Oh don't sit there and act like you wouldn't have done that too! I mean come on the man I'm love with and have been talking about a specific future for the last year all of a sudden has cold feet. Crazy things were running through my head like its been seven years, how in seven years can he still have doubts?!
Anyways, turns out he had been planning this for months but didn't know what else to say to keep me from asking. Word of advice gentlemen DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT tell your long time girlfriend who you have clearly been talking about marriage with all of sudden say your not ready. Because not a lot of us have to the strength to stick around until you make up your mind, just sayin'.
On Monday 12/9/2013 we spent the day hanging out eating, watching tv, playing with the dogs a perfect day in my book. So, were just sitting down talking and he says are you still mad at me. And I say I'm not mad because honestly I was disappointed but I knew in my heart he would come around, well at least that's what I kept telling myself to keep sane. He says I have something to confess. As soon as I heard that started having heart palpitations like oh sh#$! He gets down on one very shaky knee, I kid you not I thought he was going to fall over at any moment. And he says "I lied I do want to marry you". I literally stared at the ring for a good two minutes before realizing like holy sh#$! he just proposed. After five minutes of us going back and forth not believing this was really happening we hug and kiss and he says "You see were not on the same page I'm chapters ahead of you". Awww queue the happy ugly tears.
I always knew this guy would propose like this. Make me question my sanity and why I'm with him to then give me the sweetest surprise ever so typical of him. That's my life lately and I'm so excited to be moving soon, starting a new chapter and bringing Wedding Wednesday's to the blog. Yes, finally I can blog about weddings without feeling all weird and stuff. Oh and I unblocked my pinterest wedding board, now everyone can see all I've been fantasizing for the past year that is now slowly going to come true : )

Pop, Fizz, Clink! - Holiday Party Dresses

Dec 13, 2013

Forever 21 has the cutest holiday party dresses on their site I just had to make this post. I kind want 
them all but my favorite is the Enchanted Lace Fit and Flare Dress that is available in Black and  Blue.
Gorgeous and affordable right up my alley. 

Gift Guide: The Tech Geek

Dec 10, 2013

1. Frends 'Taylor' Headphones  |  2. Headphone Caps: Gold, Tortoise, Black

So many people are into technology lately specifically iPhones that its so easy to get tech geeks
 gifts these days. You can get them funky Frends customizable headphones. Or for the Instgram
diva's you can get The Selfie device, which allows them more posing possibilities. 

The Mustache and the Tortoise

Dec 6, 2013

It's a rainy day here in NYC and I thought this would be a simple yet funky outfit to wear to work today.
Doc Marten's on rainy days are essential if you're not a rain boots fan. 

Happy Friday !

Its Sweatshirt Time !

Dec 3, 2013

Yes, unfortunately I referenced the Jersey Shore in this post title please don't think lowly of me 
but that show was entertaining at some points. Don't act like you didn't watch at least one episode
 even though you felt like you lost some brain cells during that hour. 

Enough about me and how I'm over reality television, lets talk about Fashion Sweatshirts. I love 
to dress comfortable and you can't get anymore comfy then in a sweatshirt. I just love that 
designers and retailers are now making them more fun to wear. Have a fancy date? You could 
easily wear the Baily 44 lace sleeve sweatshirt with a body conscious pencil skirt. And Viola !

It's Cyber Monday ! Time to Shop Save !

Dec 2, 2013

I'm sorry but I'd rather shop from the comfort of my own home or sitting comfortably at my office at work. Kudos to those of you that made it out to stores on Black Friday because you're brave. I like shopping in peace and I probably would have started a couple of fights if people started pushing me.

Here are some sales from our favorite retailers so get to SHOPPING !

Bloomingdales - 45% - 60% off everything plus 25% off some regular and sale price items.

ASOS - 30% off on everything (promo code: GIMMEMORE).

Nordstorm - 20% to 40% everything plus 40% off designer items.

Nasty Gal - 30% off everything.

Forever 21 - 50% off sale items no code needed.

ModCloth - 20% storewide with (promo code: ROBOPUG).

Garage - 40% off all orders.

Aldo - 25% off everything with (promo code CYBERDEAL13), extra 30% reduced footwear

Missguided 20% off all orders.

Loehmanns - 40% off everything with (promo code: CYB40).

Steve Madden - 35% off everything (promo code THANKFUL35)

Delia's - 40% off everything with (promo code: INDULGE).

Alloy Apparel - 40% off everything with (promo code: FSENJOY).

GoJane -  50% off storewide with (promo code CYBER50R).

J.Crew - 30% off your purchase with (promo code MONDAY).

Ann Taylor - 50% off everything with (promo code SHOP50).

Loft - 50% off everything with (promo code CYBER50).

Shopbop -  up to 25% off with (promo code BIGEVENT13).

Piperlime - 30% off storewide with (promo code CYBER).

GAP - 40% off everything with (promo code CYBER).

Banana Republic - 40% off everything with (promo code CYBER).

Old Navy - 30% off everything with (promo code CYBER).

H&M - 40% off your purchase of over $50 with (promo code 7376).

The best thing about Cyber Monday is most of these online retailers give free shipping.

Lunch Break Craving: Hot Hot Pink !

Nov 15, 2013

I'm a sucker for a pop of color, hot pink or lime green I'm all over it. I wouldn't wear such vibrant
colors everyday but every now and then a pop of color will give your outfit and mood a lift.

Linking up with these lovely ladies: Penniless Socialite, The Mrs. & the Momma, Style Elixir

Wishlist Wednesday: All Things Lauren Conrad

Nov 13, 2013

Lauren Conrad is not only one of my style icons but she is also one of my business entrepreneur icons. 
I admire that she was able to actually make a legit fashion career for herself after being on reality
 television. She went from that "it" girl on TV you just wanted to know where she bought all her 
clothes from to this business savvy young woman taking over the fashion world.

Enough of me gushing over the fabulous Miss Conrad. Now lets gush over her Kohl's line. 
I'm in love with all the detailing on the tops this season. I'm a sucker for anything lace and she 
loves to incorporate lace in her designs. These are just some of the pieces I loved from her 
LC Lauren Conrad Fall 2013 Kohl's collection check out the rest at www.kohls.com.

Shades of Olive

Nov 8, 2013

 Jacket: Nordstrom (similar with faux fur collar) | Top: Zara (old) | Beanie: (similar
Pants: Abercrombie and Fitch (similar) | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target 
 And yes I referenced Fifty Shades of Grey because I don't care what anybody things I loved me 
some Christian Grey! I'm still upset Sons of Anarchy hottie, Charlie Hunnam, quit but 
Jamie Dornan isn't too shabby either. August could you just get here already !

It's a Wild Thing

Nov 6, 2013

 Sweatshirt: Forever 21 (similar & similar) // Jeasns: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar)
Jacket: Nordstrom (similar with faux fur collar) // Sneakers: Converse
 I'm not crazy about leopard on clothing but for some reason this sweatshirt grasped my attention.
And I love it.

Linking up with these lovely ladies: Glitz and Gold, Hunters of Happiness, Her and Nicole

Every Girl Should Own a Piece of Marchesa

Nov 4, 2013

And now you can no matter what your budget it is. Okay so it may not be a beautiful 
hand embroidered floor length gown but these 3-D Nail Jewel Appliques should hold 
you over. I love designer collaborations and the new trend seems to be beauty lately.
What could be better than a quick $10 pick me up. I know what I'm going to be buying
at the drugstore after work.

source: style.com

Fashion Film Friday: 101 Dalmatians

Nov 1, 2013

One of my favorite blogs is Pink Peonies and Rach's recent Cruella de Vil's inspired Halloween costume
gave me the inspiration to start Fashion Film Friday back up. My love for fashion and films has been 
hold for the past few weeks and I think its time to embrace it again. With Winter around the corner
 there's nothing better than getting cozy with a good film and a hot drink.

Anyways, how fabulous does Rach look in this outfit ! It doesn't scream costume but you can definitely 
see the inspiration. Plus, 101 Dalmatians was one of my favorite movies growing up. I remember making
my mom take me to McDonald's every week because I wanted to collect every dalmatian in the Happy
Meals. I know its a little too late for a Halloween inspired post but it's never to late to starting thinking
 of next years costume.

Happy November !

Lunch Break Craving: Classic Beauties

Oct 31, 2013

I love all things Audrey Hepburn hence my blog name. I have a love for graphic tees and the 
fact that this one has Audrey being quirky on it just makes me want it more. And if you've been
reading my blog for a while you know I have a slight obsession with sweatshirts, this one is perfect.

Hump Daaaaay Cravings !

Oct 30, 2013

I must must must buy that biker jacket on pay day. And I just saw this sequins sweater on the lovely
Cara Loren and now I want that too. I'm a sucker for a good sweatshirt throw some sequins on it 
and I feel like I'm wearing a ball gown. I've heard a lot of good things about the Rockstar Jean from
Old Navy and I really want to give this coated version a try. My bestfriend just wore these boots I've
had sitting in my Pinterest Shopping List for a while and now she makes me want to get these too. 
And the mug needs no explanation people its Fall a.k.a hot chocolate/pumpkin spice season.
Ramble over and out.

Life, Lately . . .

Oct 28, 2013

I was gone from the blogger-sphere last week due to traveling for work. Doesn't mean I didn't get to
be up-to-date on all your lovely blogs. I just have to sign in to blogger everyday to have some daily 
fashion inspiration. Anyways, I was in California last week on an appoint for a client I must say I 
really love. I got great feedback and can't wait to develop jewelry, hair accessories and technology 
accessories for them. I must say you California people have some Ah-Mazing weather, I'm so jealous.
I wish I could wake up and just through a sweater on and by the end of the day I could go without it.

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A Little Inspiration . . .

Preach ! Ain't that the truth. Courage, a word so easy to say but sometimes not so easy to 
act out. But I couldn't agree with this quote more. Once you take that step of courage and
do what makes you happy without caring what others say you finally become yourself.
And you're finally able to be happy with a sense of complete freedom.

Happy Monday : )

source: my pinterest

Aztec Sweater Weather

Oct 17, 2013

 There is nothing like a good sweater, cute necklace and a pumpkin spice latte.
 Sweater: Forever 21 (Similar), 3/4 Sleeve or Long Sleeve // Tee: H&M // Jeans: H&M
Boots: H&M (Similar) // Necklace: Cheri Trendy // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Watch: Micheal Kors // Bracelet: Alex and Ani

Fall Essential: Moto Jackets Under $100

Oct 16, 2013

Last year it was the cargo jacket with the leather sleeves and this year it's the moto jacket. We
all need that go-to jacket right before the winter kicks in that we can layer on top of anything.
I've been eyeing a few moto jackets myself and am determined to get one of these babies
above. And isn't great that they are all under $100 and they don't look inexpensive.

On My Nook: The Sea of Tranquility

Oct 14, 2013

The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

Beautiful, Passionate, Raw, Incredible, Funny in a twisted way, Heart-breaking 
and unforgettable !

I don't want to give anything away but I do because this story was YES! that amazing that you
 just want to blab to everyone and their mother about it.

Nastya Kashnikov had the perfect life and a promising future ahead of her until that one 
afternoon. Now, she only wants to find the boy who destroyed her future and find out why 
he did it. Without any will to keep enjoying life as she did before she just wants to get through 
high school unnoticed. 

Josh Bennett has nothing left to live for, literally nothing. Because no one knows how to deal 
with a seventeen year old boy with no family they all leave him alone. It's like he has an 
invisible shield around him and Nastya wants just that, to be left alone. 

Nastya becomes intrigued by Josh's don't-mess-with-me-I-want-none-of-your-pity-attitude 
and can't help but keep showing up at his garage while he works on furniture (his hobby). At first 
Josh doesn't understand why she always shows up but then becomes use to it. In a strange way 
they develop the closest relationship you can think of without really knowing each other if that 
makes any sense. Josh does open up to Nastya but the hints she gives him about her past scare 
him to want to know the rest of her story.

This book is so beautiful and funny at the same time, I'm just going to leave it at that because 
finding out everything as you read it makes it that much more amazing. As I was reading this book 
The supporting characters were amazingly portrayed especially Drew. That boy needs a book of 
his own I'm telling you. Some parts in the book made me feel like I was watching a classic 
John Hughes movie like The Breakfast Club.

Intense sadness and happiness all wrapped in to one with glimmering 
hope is what this book is.

Neutrally Bejeweled

Oct 10, 2013

 Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider // Watch: Michael Kors
 Another day at work with Alicia (Lattes & Lacee).

Wishlist Wednesday . . .

Oct 9, 2013

It's hump day guys almost Friday. And it's a three day weekend woop woop!, well at least for me it
is. Here are some of my latest obsessions that are currently collecting dust in my virtual shopping
carts because well there are such things called bills we just have to pay every month.
Anyways, enjoy.

Buh Bye Mini, Hello Midi Skirts

Oct 8, 2013

It's all about being a lady this Fall. Yes, ladies put away those mini's and let's stop being like 
Miley because summer is over. Get some opaque tights in any color you want and some midi 
skirts in fun prints and you're good to go. I'm not a big skirt fan but for some reason I have a 
thing for midi skirts. Maybe its the whole "classy" aura they have going for them. Plus, they 
remind me of the lovely Audrey Hepburn running around in Paris while filming Funny Face.

Splurge or Save: Quilted Moto Jacket

Oct 3, 2013

Love the update on the Moto Jacket with the quilted texture. Kind of reminds
me of the classic quilted Chanel bag every girl dreams of owning one day.

Lunch Break Craving: Zara Plaid Duffle Coat

Oct 2, 2013

I want ! I want ! I want !
Isn't this perfection?!
I love toggle coats and the fact that this has leather sleeves makes me want it even more.

NYFW Spring 2014 Reviews: Part Three

Oct 1, 2013

 At Michael Kors he was channeling the 1940's working girl but with a hint of skin.
 Rachel Zoe never disappoints us and always creates the best city chic outfits.
 Philosophy reminds me of everything I would want to wear on a cozy lazy sunday.
 Loved loved loved the dark lips with the feminine silhouettes.
The whole collection was sexy and sultry without being too promiscuous.

image source: style.com

A Little Inspiration . . .

Sep 30, 2013

Mr. Cunningham could not have said it any better. Fashion to me is not just some way for people to see how
much money I have and what brands I wear, but to see my personality. The reason we love fashion so much 
is because it gives us an escape in a way. It's something we can always control and alter. One day we want 
to be grunge the next day we may want to wear pink. That's the point of fashion to express yourself. It let's
you tell the world how you feel without saying a word.

image source: zanita x nordstrom

Luxe for Less: Leather x Florals

Sep 27, 2013

Adrienne Bailon looked ah-mazing in this floral tube dress from Zara. The Topshop collarless leather
jacket is also cute but I thought the Dorothy Perkins biker jacket was way more cool plus hello it
cost way less. And just how tough are those lace up heels from ASOS.

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