Fashion Film Friday: Easy A

Nov 30, 2012

Easy A is one of my favorite movies because of three simple reasons: 1. It pays homage to the talented film maker John Hughes, who wrote The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Weird Science, and of course Home Alone. 2. Hello ! Emma Stone, gotta love her sarcastic sense of humor. And 3. Penn Badgley a.k.a Dan Humphrey a.k.a Lonely Boy from Gossip Girl need I say more?

If you haven't already seen this hilarious 21st century version of The Scarlet Letter you must do so. Emma plays Olive, who to get out going camping with her best friend tells her she has a hot date with a college guy, which was a total lie because she stayed home singing along to Natasha Bedingfield and acting a fool in her house. The next day Rhiannon, Olive's best friend, asks her how it went and she ends lying saying about losing her virginity, someone hears the lie and starts a rumor. And then all hell breaks loose and Olive has to pretend to have sex with her friend who is gay to save him from the high school stereotype. One thing leads to another and she ends up pretending to have sex with all the nerdy boys to save their reputations and in return she gets money and gift cards to the mall. She starts wearing the red A because in school they are studying The Scarlet Letter and she can relate.

That's not even the scandalous part, here it goes, so Micah, a 22 year old high school senior, yes super dumb but super hot, finds out he has chlamydia. Of course Olive being the good person she is covers for him saying it was her fault, when really she was just covering for her school counselor Mrs. Griffith, who was having in affair with Micah (yup he's that hot). But the reason Olive covers for Mrs. Griffith is because she is married to her favorite teacher Mr. Griffith and wants to spare his marriage. Yup scandalous but hilarious because Emma's comedic timing is amazing.

source: images from google

Balenciaga has been Wang'd (Alexander Wang)

I'm pretty sure if your looking at my blog right now and have internet access and have an interest in fashion you already know the big news. Alexander Wang has been confirmed as Balenciaga's new Creative Director. I feel like this is going to be the next big partnership like what Marc Jacobs is for Louis Vuitton. By looking above you can see both collections have similarities and differences that are destined for future fashion "omg ! I die ! I need that" moments.

*did you catch that james bond reference in the title : )

Splurge or Save: Fifty Shades of Grey Necklace

Nov 29, 2012

Besides actually loving the book series Fifty Shades of Grey, yes I loved it don't judge me, I'm loving this handcuff necklace. Its very delicate and tough at the same time. I'm liking the version more not only because of the price, but it looks more simple and polished. Would you rock this Fifty Shades of Grey inspired necklace? 

Lunch Break Craving: Bejeweled

Nov 28, 2012

Its a Dannijo creation of course and isn't she a beauty?! 
Just give me a t-shirt and chunky rhinestone necklace and I'm good to go.

Doggie Gift Guide

This weekend I took my dog Kobe to the groomers and as you see he came out looking very handsome  I must say. So, I thought with the holidays happening and all why not make a doggie gift guide. We tend to forget about our little furry friends during this season and they should be pampered too, don't you think? If you have a dog I strongly recommend you buy the Pet Head Poof! Sugar Cookie Deodorizing Spray, it smells like babies and sweet cookies. 

Christmas Came Early !

Nov 26, 2012

I'm not the type that shops everyday (wish I could though) but when I set my mine to buy something I do. I needed a winter coat so I got this classic duffel coat at Topshop. I was going to get the one I posted about earlier this week at Zara, but I wanted something less trendy more classic and WARM ! I love converse and when I saw these leather ones I gasped and had to get them. I probably went into about three different Zara stores looking for my size in these studded boots and I found them 50% off ! But my best purchase of the whole year so far is my wonderful trustworthy Macbook Pro I can not wait to blog from ! I say this weekends shopping adventure was a success.

A Little Inspiration . . .

Today and everyday I am thankful for living another day. I hope you all had a great fattening Thanksgiving because I sure did. I don't know if any of you are fans of the book The Secret and The Magic, if you are you know that being thankful everyday for what you have attracts more great things. So, everyday I count my blessings to ensure the blessings keep coming. Didn't mean to get all mushy on you guys : )

source: my pinterest

NYFW: Jenna Lyons Edition

Nov 21, 2012

Jenna Lyons has got to be one of the most influential women in fashion and it wouldn't be right if J.Crew didn't make a collection based on her style. All these pieces are unique from the prints to the embellishments. I love how J.Crew can make a simple tee or sweater look like it belongs in the fashion museum at F.I.T.

Lunch Break Craving: The Biker Coat

Nov 20, 2012

I've been stalking this coat at Zara now for a while now and I've decided I need it in my life. Going to Zara on Black Friday and hopefully I'm in store for a little discount.

A Little Inspiration . . .

Nov 19, 2012

So, true! You can't keep saying you're a positive person if you keep having negative thoughts. Today, I feel this is applies so much to my life because an uncle of mine who has been battling brain cancer is now cancer free because of his positive thoughts. It's hard to be positive when in this situation, but he did and I'm so proud and happy for him I'm all smiles today.

source: my pinterest

Tortoise Wayfarer Glasses by Firmoo

Nov 14, 2012

How cute are these wayfarers?  They have that nerdy vibe but yet still chic with the tortoise pattern. sent me these wonderful glasses to try out. First off, they are extremely affordable especially if you just use them for fashion like me. And they fit very well and they feel and look quite expensive. I definitely plan on getting more glasses in different funky colors and patterns. In case your wondering this style is number SD2267.

 Did I mention is giving New Customers their first pair of glasses or sunglasses FREE. All you have to pay is the shipping and that's all. If you want new glasses or sunglasses go to and order your pair of choice.

Under $10 Pick Me Ups

Nov 13, 2012

If you're a girl on a budget like myself then you know about those little special pick me ups. Its that small thing you purchase because you can't go on a shopping spree and it still makes you feel good. I love pick me ups because they literally pick up my mood and they're cheap. Who says you need to spend a million bucks to feel good.

1. Engagement Ring Canvas Tote from Dorothy Perkins
2. Just Bitten By Revlon at Target (it last all day no matter what you eat or drink)
3. Forever 21 Basic Fitted 3/4 Length Sleeve Tee
4. Amber Romance Travel Size Mist from Victoria Secret
5. e.l.f 14pc Nail Polish Set from Target (in Holiday colors)
6. Forever 21 Studded Pyramid Rings
(can be worn as a headband or necklace, my favorite for a bad hair day)

A Little Inspiration . . .

Nov 12, 2012

This just caught my eye last week and I think a lot of people at one point feared the future or at least worried about it. I know I once did, but once you stop worrying about it, life figures its self out for you. Now, I just look forward to the future and visualize what I want it to be, so that it can hopefully become that, my dreams. 

Everyday There Is Something To Be Grateful For

Took a short hiatus to country where I was raised, Dominican Republic, to take my grandmother back and take care of a few family things. Going to a country that is much more less developed then the United States makes you appreciate what you have. Water, electricity, and employment are scarce in this country and people still go out about their day with a smile on their faces because they don't dwell on what they don't have, instead the appreciate what they have.

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