NYFW: Extraterrestrial

Sep 28, 2012

 Every year Rodarte never ever disappoints me. You see how some designers have a moment where they make their whole collection in white because they're trying to rediscover their inner artist and then your like what just happened? Well, Rodarte hasn't had this moment thank god because I love their prints and themes every year. This year their collection reminded me of a medieval futuristic looking princess with crazy shoes. I definitely see Anna dello Russo in this collection

 I enjoyed the hard and soft elements of the BCBG Max Azria collection. The leather panels and cutouts didn't overwhelm the garments, they were balanced out by soft flowy fabrics of the skirts.

Nicole Miller's galactic prints, biker jackets,blazers, chiffon tunics and printed leggings all reminded me of Katy Perry's Extraterrestrial video.

Lunch Break Craving: J.Crew Tee's & Necklaces

Sep 27, 2012

I love a good t-shirt and I've heard that the J.Crew Vintage Cotton Tees are so soft and well-fitted. Tomorrow is pay day so you already know where I'm gonna be. What I love most about t-shirts is that you can dress them up with a bib necklace or a chunky chain necklace. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, so a good tee in different colors is right up my alley. P.S. J.Crew is having a 25% off sale, plus free shipping on purchases of $150 and more.

NYFW: Sea of Color

Sep 26, 2012

 When it comes to prints and color Diane von Furstenberg is the queen of that in NYFW. Leave it to DVF to come up with new refreshing prints that are not overwhelming. Her color combos give a new meaning to color blocking because it isn't as drastic. The deep v-necks on the garments and the maxi dresses just make you want to head straight to Miami and sit by the pool with your piña colada.

 Lisa Perry's collection is for the modern day Edie Sedgwick looking for something mod yet current. The bright color combos bring the shift dresses into the 21st century. I love the styling of the hair, the mini bouffants are so chic and classic.

Cushine et Ochs line brings color to the sexy bodycon dresses. The architectural cutouts and shoulders give it a futuristic look. The minimal hair, make-up and shoes help the dresses be the center of attention as they should.

On My Nook: Beautiful Disaster

Sep 25, 2012

I'm going through a book hangover right now. If any of you liked the intense attraction in Fifty Shades of Grey, but weren't crazy over the BDSM a.k.a extremely erotic scenes, this is the perfect book. Don't get me wrong this is not a book you want to share with your mother. Abby Abernathy is your ultimate good girl who goes to Eastern University to run away from her dark past. Travis Maddox is the biggest bad boy at Eastern University, who can pretty much get any girl he wants. He's also an underground fighter, lean, cut and covered in tattoos, just like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Abby's best friend America takes her to watch on of the underground fights, where she sees Travis in action.

Travis becomes intrigued with Abby's good girl resistance and tricks her into losing a bet and having to stay at his apartment for a month. This is where the feelings grow and it all goes haywire because when they love they love but when they fight all hell breaks loose for them and everyone around them. They're love is so beautiful and strong that it can become a disaster when something gets in the way, hence the title. I loved me some Fifty Shades Grey, but this story was more believable because they're both average college students who fall in love and go through the typical life obstacles. Just read it if you like contemporary romances because I could not put this book down for anything, I think I didn't even watch television while I was reading this. It had my undivided attention because it was so good.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

source (images): we heart it 

A Little Inspiration . . .

Sep 24, 2012

Did anyone see the Emmy's red carpet yesterday? Notice how I said the red carpet, not the awards. There were beautiful dresses on all the lovely ladies, but my favorite wasn't on a nominee, it was on Miss Kelly Osbourne. This lilac Zac Posen gown matched her hair perfectly, which is what I really think made me love this look so much. She's never cared to fit in and I love it. Even her tattoos go with this edgy look. The dark lips and nails look great and compliment the soft lilac. Since, it is Monday and I like to start it off with a little inspiration, I thought this quote by Dr.Seuss quote was appropriate since Kelly doesn't have your average look and isn't scared to stand out.

Fashion Film Friday: Bridesmaids

Sep 21, 2012

If you have not seen Bridesmaids yet, I suggest you do like RIGHT NOW ! You are in for a good laugh because Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and all the other ladies will have you cracking up. This is like the female version of The Hangover. This past weekend I was wedding dress shopping with my soon to be sister-in-law and I couldn't help but remember about this movie. Besides the movie being hilarious, Kristen Wigg's character wears the cutest shrunken blazers and day dresses.This is definitely a feel good movie.

Wish I Were Wearing

Sep 20, 2012

Having a bit of a Zara moment right now, I legit want everything thing they have available online right now. The tee is so perfect because its just a basic tee with leather sleeves to be on trend, but you can for sure put this tee with your basics go-to pile. The camouflage jeans are really on trend right now if you're brave enough to pull it off, I'm craving these so bad right now. The sleek simple black booties need no explanation. The tote is a perfect size for school and work, you can fit a lot in it and it sits comfortably on your shoulder. 

And the book "Beautiful Disaster" is a book I recently read and fell in love with. Soon I'm going to be introducing a new category called "On My Nook", where I share at least once a week with you guys what I'm reading. Besides fashion, books are my weakness. You see how some people can't leave their house without their phones, well I can't leave my house without my nook.

Lunch Break Craving: Macbook Pro

Sep 19, 2012

This isn't your typical fashion related post, but I am so craving a new laptop. Not craving, but desperately wanting is more like it. My now old macbook is becoming slower and slower by the minute. I seriously think if I had a new more advanced laptop I would blog more because I wouldn't get so frustrated when it freezes in the middle of creating a post. I use to have a macbook pro, but unfortunately it got stolen so I've been afraid to get one because of it happening again. But I can't go through life worrying, so I have decided I'm going to get one within the next two weeks. I just can't wait to get it and start working from it because I want to make this blog my priority, its my baby, my business. I know this is a little late for a lunch break craving, but I have been busy at work and just had a fattening late lunch at Mickey D's, which was sooo good.

source: apple

I Just Can't Get Over You Burberry

Sep 18, 2012

I know the Burberry Spring 2013 show just happened, but I'm just simply not over the Fall 2012 collection yet. I seriously would love to have every single piece in this collection.When I was in Paris in June my friend, Fabiola and I could just not help ourselves from going in and trying something on. Let me just say that in Paris you can walk in to Chanel and people help you and even ask you if you would like something to drink, unlike many luxury stores in the United States who judge as soon as you walk the store. Anyways, we tried on the Fall 2012 trench coats and hunny did they fit like gloves. We felt like a million bucks in them, sometimes it really is worth it to spend more money on certain items of clothing because the quality is like no other. Just wanted to share with you guys my favorite looks from the Fall show, I will start posting the Spring collections real soon.

Trend Watch: Matchstick Pants

Its about that time to start putting away those denim cut-offs we loved to wear all summer long and trade up for some sleek sophisticated, but still fun matchstick pants. They're a great to dress up a plain sweater or just to add some character to your outfit. I love the ones with fun whimsical prints the like the Tibi ones with the bird print. The preppy looking ones with chevron prints like the Old Navy version are great too, if you don't want to go all crazy with prints.

Splurge or Save: Lace Espadrilles

Sep 17, 2012

I must confess I kind of have an infatuation with all things lace, so you already know how I feel about these espadrilles. The Valentino ones are gorgeous as are all his usual items, but the Jeffrey Campbell ones speak to my wallet, literally. They use to be $70 before the sale, which still were a great deal compared to the Valentino ones. They are both equally pretty, it all depends on how much you want to spend on lace flat espadrilles.

A Little Inspiration . . .

AMEN ! Ever see someone so good looking, but then they speak and you're like UGH ! A lot of people we consider "Beautiful" are all nothing but looks. There is nothing more beautiful then a confident person, who isn't selfish but still doesn't always care what people think about them, who is passionate about whatever they believe in and most of all has a positive attitude not a debbie downer.
Happy Monday, well actually have a happy week.

source: pinterest

Fashion Film Friday: Sixteen Candles

Sep 14, 2012

I don't how this came about but I was talking with my co-worker at work this week about I don't even remember what, but it led to me talking about how on my sixteenth birthday everyone forgot it. How I felt like Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles all day because most of my family and friends didn't remember my birthday until after it passed. How Rude ! (in my Stephanie Tanner voice). So, of course  my brain was like FASHION FILM FRIDAY ! FASHION FILM FRIDAY ALERT! Who doesn't love John Hughes movies ? On this day that is suppose to be so special in a young girl's life I was just hoping to find my own Jake Ryan to make my day better, but that didn't happen because unfortunately my life is not a John Hughes movie. But I did find my Jake Ryan a year later when I was seventeen and I'm still with him today.

source: images from fabsugar & google

Fashion Scoop: Lana Del Rey for H&M

Sep 12, 2012

Maybe its her pin-up girl vintage looks or the fuzzy comfy sweaters, but I really like this new H&M campaign. The hair, the make-up, the long lashes all of it just screams 60's siren with a modern twist. Can't wait to see the film of her singing "Blue Velvet" on September 20th at H&M.com.

source: nitrolicious

FNO: Recap

Sep 10, 2012

Here are some snap shots of Fashion Night Out. My friend Alicia (bottom right corner) and I were planning on walking all of the upper east side, but our feet started to hurt us after we got to 56th and 5th avenue all the way from 34th and 5th. We were in and out of stores just enjoying the atmosphere. We saw the fabulous Bethenny Frankel at Macy's and had her actually quite tasty Skinny Girl Margarita's. One of our favorite places was Henri Bendel because they had cirque du soleil dancers everywhere. Overall, our feet were done by then end of the night, but the drinks were good and all the outfits we saw were fabulous. It was literally like all of New York City dressed up in their best outfits for the night, it was like being on set for Sex and the City. I would like to start a petition for FNO to be done both in Spring and Fall time, don't you agree ???

Lunch Break Craving

I want this J.Crew Jeweled Sweatshirt, like now. I love sweat shirts in general and when they have added details to them, I love them even more.

Wish I Were Wearing: Fashion Week

Sep 7, 2012

If I could wear anything in the world to Fashion Week it would be these babies right up there. I love me a good shirt dress because it's a dress yet it's not that girly 'cause it's a shirt. Those Balenciaga booties are so ugly they're cute, I love the chunkiness of it and the gold hardware. The Alexander Wang bag needs to explanation whatsoever. The utility jacket with leather sleeves I've been drooling over for months, but it was sold out at Zara and now I found this one at Topshop. The sunglasses are a modern version of the cat-eye with a weird angular shape I can't get over.

Splurge or Save: The Eagle has Landed

Sep 5, 2012

How good would this necklace look with a t-shirt to dress it up? The Lanvin one of course is fabulous if you have that type of disposable income like that. But the Topshop version is definitely crush worthy too. I was going to feature a Forever 21 one that believe or not was better looking than these two, but of course in true Forever 21 fashion when something is a deal it sells out.

Lanvin Wing Pendant Necklace, Topshop Eagle Necklace
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