Business Meets Pleasure: Los Angeles

Apr 29, 2013

 Here are a couple of pictures from my trip to Los Angeles for work. Finally after going there like 5 times I was able to do some sight seeing with my co-worker Alicia from Lattes & Lace. We strolled Rodeo Drive and admired the beautiful window displays because with a-just-graduated-college-budget lets be real I can't afford none of that beautiful stuff on Rodeo Drive. But we did dress up and try to have our pretty woman moment. We also enjoyed Santa Monica and its cool art and street art. Last we went to Venice Beach, definitely not the glamorous place we expected but it was an experience nonetheless. And the weather was amazing compared to New York's.

Trend Watch: Get Your Sweat On !

Apr 25, 2013

My inner tomboy loves these pants ! Don't they just scream COMFY ! How cute are the prints though?! I love that you can dress them up and down with boots or sneakers or get fancy and wear some hidden heel sneakers. But I'm kind of not to happy about the price. If any of you guys have seen any similar ones for less than $100 send those links this way please, thanks : )

Lunch Break Craving: Spring Dresses

Apr 24, 2013

Whenever the weather gets nice don't you just want to show off those legs and begin that tan you want everyone to notice come Fall time. I love me a simple dress with delicate detailing like these above by Girl by Band of Outsiders and McQ by Alexander Mcqueen.

A Little Inspiration . . .

Apr 22, 2013

It has been a week since that horrible event  at the Boston Marathon. Its been a stressful, devastating, heroic, and full of anxiety type of week. It truly does suck that events like these is what bring people together, but nonetheless we are together in this. All we can do is hope and pray that these type of things stop. I know there is not such thing as a perfect world but we can hope or at least be more cautious of our surroundings and those around us. We can hope to detect malice before it happens but without becoming maliciously judgmental ourselves.

Rio de Janeiro Type of Summer

Apr 18, 2013

My favorite looks from Derek Lam's Kohl's collaboration. I'm loving the color scheme and I 
want them all for this Summer. Plus, the prices are perfect.

Channeling Miss Daisy Buchanan

Apr 15, 2013

 Okay can we seriously take a moment out to take in the fabulous-ness of this editorial by the amazing 
Mario Testino for Vogue. I mean seriously, the styling, the lighting, the everything !
 This Nina Ricci silk-satin gown is breathtaking. And the hair piece amazing quintessential roaring 
1920's fashion. I can not wait for The Great Gatsby to be released, it finally has a set 
date for May 2013.
 This is one Vogue issue that will definitely have me stalking my damn mailbox every morning.



Trend Watch: Neon Blouses

Apr 10, 2013

When it comes to trendy colors I tend to save rather than splurge because I have to consider if I'm going to wear next year again. But since I love lime green I really don't mind paying a little extra for a nice fitting blouse. If neon colors aren't your thing but you want to experiment with this trend than head to Kohl's or Target to find affordable yet cute blouses.

A Little Inspiration: Rhys's Rhyme

Apr 8, 2013

Over the summer I had posted about my little man Rhys here, my little red head, my meatball, my nephew, my godson and his heart condition and how he overcame it. But now his wonderful father, my brother-in-law, has written this beautiful illustrated book telling his and my sister's journey with this little bundle of joy. I must say my sister is one lucky lady with this guy. This was a perfect gift for their family and I can't wait to get my copy in the mail already. 

If you guys would like to read about this chunky beautiful heart baby below are the links to purchasing the paperback and ebook:

Rhys's Rhyme: Ode to hearts by Robert A. Serrano (Paperback)

Rhys's Rhyme: Ode to hearts by Robert A. Serrano (ebook for iPad or iBooks)

Rhys's Rhyme: Ode to hearts by Robert A. Serrano (ebook)

Weekly Guide 4.1.13

Apr 5, 2013

Read: Currently getting my Travis Maddox fix with Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. If you haven't read Beautiful Disaster what are you waiting for ! Check out my review here. Its a college romance, you know bad boy meets good girl falls in love except in this story the good girl isn't so good and the book is setting a lot like Fight Club the movie.

Drink: Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks is my go to drink during spring time, its just so yummy and refreshing. I love it so much I'm going to be posting a post soon on how to make  your own at home (who doesn't love to enjoy life and save money).

Watch: Revenge is my show! Well if Scandal isn't on because that show is crazy good too. If you like television series about lies, secrets, love and of course revenge this is the show to watch. Every episode will have you like "oh no she didn't!" and she is the evil queen Victoria.

Listen: Miguel's sultry sexy voice has been going on none stop on my itunes this week since I downloaded it. Kaleidoscope Dream is one of the few albums lately that I can actually listen to all the song on and not want to switch to the next. Miguel to me is like Robin Thicke, Usher, and Justin Timberlake wrapped into one.

Do: I miss my school The Fashion Institute of Technology a.k.a FIT and I want to go see their new museum exhibit called Shoe Porn. Can't wait to see this 150 piece collection of out of this world shoes.

Eat: Haagen-Daz Butter Pecan Ice Cream really must I say more?!

Splurge or Save: Quilted Chain Satchel

Apr 3, 2013

A black bag is a staple for the everyday woman whether she needs it for work or play. Its just up to you if you want to splurge or save but I think these both are equally gorgeous. Don't you think?!

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