Confessions of a Fashion Week Dresser

Sep 27, 2010

For the last couple of seasons I've had the privilege to see the beautiful clothes you all see walking down the runway before hand. I have to stand for three hours backstage in the middle of all the commotion trying to stay out of it. You have to rush dressing models like a mad woman, literally you have to forget these girls have feelings and just shove them in their clothes. Even though you don't get paid for any of it and you're not allowed to take pictures of any of the many celebrities and designers you see, it's all worth it in the end. Putting together a Fashion Show is such a rush and believe it or not there is so much team effort that goes in to it. My goal for next season is to actually watch a show as a guest, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Perks of Being a Dresser:
- Touching and seeing how much detail goes into every design
- Interacting with the models, which some like Crystal Renn are so
down to earth and others I won't mention who aren't
- Seeing all the celebrities and designers in their element

My friend Cheri and I at the Oscar de la Renta, the only picture we have because you can't take pictures before the press : |

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