Diane Von Furstenberg Sample Sale

May 28, 2009

If your looking for a summer dress, this is definitely the place to go.


Banana Republic leather jacket ; Mystique Boutique Blouse and Bag
H&M Jeans ; Favorite converse

Mystique Boutique in Soho & 34th Street Manhattan 
carries a lot of cute and affordable stuff.

The Modern Audrey Hepburn Look

Anna Wintour: The Goddess not the Devil


Anna Wintour's interview for 60 Minutes

She finally sits down and answers all those questions about why she is such a bitch?

Why she takes fashion so seriously? And most of all why she always wears those sunglasses?

I honestly, don't care what anyone says about Wintour because I admire everything she does. 

She has made Vogue USA one of the most sought out magazines in the world. It's like if you don't

make to Vogue then you really have not made it. I don't think she is a bitch to say, I just think she

is very strict and focused because she enjoy what she does for a living. I'm just hoping one day I'll

follow in her footsteps = ]

Karen Robinovitz : Fashion Journalist

On my way from the gym to Barnes & Noble, I couldn’t help but notice that I walked by that lady you see the picture above. Her name is Karen Robinovitz, fashion journalist, fashion and marketing consultant, tv personality, and author. You probably recognize her from shows like MADE on MTV when they made that really flamboyant guy into a fashion reporter and she was his boss. Or from VH1’s The Fabulous Life of show or from Bravo’s Secrets of a New York Party girl. She’s also written many articles for Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and WWD. She has three books “How to Become Famous in 2 Weeks or Less”, “The Fashionista Files”, and “Fete Accompli! The ultimate guide to creative entertaining”. Whatever the point is I saw her and seeing her made me want to be a fashion journalist even more. Maybe it was her beautifully sculpted Christian Louboutin’s or maybe it was her ultra-chic black patent leather Marc Jacob’s bag, whatever it was it just made be want to be just like her even more.

The Olsens or shall I say A Girl's Dream Closet

They just know what works and what doesn't. It's like everything they wear
turns to gold. You hardly ever see them in sleek sexy silhouettes, the slimmest piece
of clothing they wear are lame tights. After this everything else is either a large
boyfriend flannel, or baggy bohemian blouses with fitted blazers to bring out their
femininity. The mix of Chucks and Louboutin, Chanel and Fendi and Wang bags is
another story in its self.
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