Sneakers are Having a Fashion Moment

Dec 26, 2011

Just got my Aldo NETZ sneakers in the mail (the ones on the right) and I love love love them. 
You guys don't even know how happy I am that sneakers are making a comeback. I've always been
somewhat of a tomboy and the fact that I could wear sneakers and still be so called "fashionable" is
great because I can wear heels and be comfortable. Yes, these babies have hidden heels them, well
wedges but you get the whole altitude from the floor point. So, originally I wanted the Isabel Marant
(the ones on the left) but $760 for sneaker is way to steep for a college student, actually I think its
way too steep for many people in this economy. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed they go on like
a 80% off sale somewhere, or someone knocks them off in a more similar version.

I got my NETZ for $60 bucks on the x-mas sale whoop whoop : )

She's Carrying Us Away

Dec 12, 2011

This girl has me wanting to get a pixie cut for the longest time now, but I don't have the courage. I mean
not everyone looks this gorgeous in that haircut. Ever since I saw her in "An Education" I've been in love
with her acting and her retro 1960's effortless classic style. Can't wait to see her play Daisy Buchanan in 
"The Great Gatsby" out next December hopefully. Anyways, enjoy Carey Mulligan's spread in January's
2012 issue of W Magazine.


Currently Coveting

Dec 6, 2011

I've been so busy with finals and all I don't have time to blog much because when I do have
time I find myself to tired to blog. But one thing I've started to do a lot in paint my nails because
its quick and easy and it kind of perks you up when you see pretty colors on your nails. So, here
are some of the colors I wish I had at my disposal right now. 1. I Love the Night Life, 2. Just Walk
Away Renee, 3. Lady Sings the Blues, and 4. Good Girl Gone Bad all by Deborah Lippman.
These are all available at Barney's, Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor's, and online.

Reality is slowly sitting in

Nov 14, 2011

So, tomorrow is a semi-big day for me, its graduation picture day. It kind of just hit me
like in a year I'm not going to be a student. I'm going to be an adult, not that I'm not one
now just that I'm gonna be out in the real world. Reality is slowly sitting in that I'm getting
older and more responsibilities are piling up. It's scary and exciting all at the same time.
Anyways, here's a little preview of what I'm going to wear tomorrow. Not such an exciting 
outfit, but its classic, I don't want to look at this picture ten years from now and think what
the hell was I thinking.


A friend of mine stumbled upon this a couple of months ago and should this to me. We 
were so inspired we printed out and posted on our desks for daily inspiration. I like 
because its so simple and to the point just do what makes you happy and viola !

source: stumbleupon

If I had money....

Nov 8, 2011

I would have worn this today:
1. Bobbled Cable Knit Sweater: Anthroplogie $328
2. Current/Elliot Flared Jeans: $210
3. Alexander Wang Robyn Bag: $985
4. ACNE Track Leather Ankle Boots: $ 660
5. YSL Arty Ring: $250

Current Fall Wants

Nov 6, 2011

These are just a couple of items I want NOW ! I'm definitely trying to get within the next two weeks. Well at least the Isabel Marant look-a-like sweater and the ACNE inspired black boots.

1. Velvet Blazer: For Less: J.crew $168, For More: Etro $1,640
2. Mixed Pink Sweater: For Less: Zara $39.90, For More: Isabel Marant $315
3. Fashion Night Out Tee: Shopbop $40
4. Spike the Punch Necklace: Esty
5. Side Zip Ankle Boots: For Less: Topshop $150, For More: ACNE $570
6. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch $225
7. Lands' End Canvas Lace-up boots $98
8. J.crew Neon Pink laces $4

P.S. Notice that the Iasbel Marant look-a-like sweater at Zara is from the kids
section as well as the J.crew laces. Don't sleep on the kids section you can find
real cute things that fit for way less.

Ralph Lauren does The Great Gatsby

Oct 16, 2011

( Day Outfits )
This collection just makes we want to read The Great Gatsby AGAIN ! It doesn't surprise me this collection is so on point with the whole 1920's era, since Ralph Lauren did design the wardrobe for the 1974 Great Gatsby movie. I really hope this tribute to the movie means Lauren will be designing the wardrobe for the 2012 remake. Leonard DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan,  Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, and Isla Fisher as Myrtle Wilson, I mean this movie is going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I could look at these two mood boards all day. I hope Daisy has like 100 outfit changes, just to see this whole collection on the big screen. Oh, and did I mention Tiffany's is officially the jeweller for the entire movie. The whole movie is going to be a fashion orgasm.

( Night Outfits )


3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012

Oct 10, 2011

One of my favorites from NYFW was Phillip Lim's women's collection because of its simplicity yet feeling of newness with soft pastels and tailored navy's and black's.


Wu-hoo ! for Target

Oct 3, 2011

If you read the Bible this morning aka Women's Wear Daily, then you know the big news. Jason Wu
is the next designer to collaborate with Target. We all saw how crazy the Missoni collection was on Sept. 8
it was mayhem.
The collection was suppose to be in stores for 6 to 8 weeks, but that didn't happen. Within
one day everything
was sold out and the Target website crashed. Now, everything is for sale on Ebay for
ridiculous amounts of
money if you ask me. But anywho, so yeah Wu is next and I am excited. The
collection won't be as broad as Missoni's, it will be apparel and accessories based. I can't wait
to see
what it would look like. The designs are modern and classy, I love a sweatshirt, through
some lace on it and I go B-A-N-A-N-A-S (rachel zoe voice). Above
and below are just
some of my favorite looks from his Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 Collections.

Missoni For Target Today : )

Sep 13, 2011

Current ad for Missoni for Target found in every magazine.
A couple of celebs wearing Missoni for Target at the Pop-up Store event.
Here are just some of the looks from the collection of 400 products including shoes,
luggage, pillows, stationery, home products, and even a bike.

The Target website is currently down, I'm assuming its from everyone shopping.
Looks like I mat have to wait until tomorrow to buy something at the target around
where I live because I get out of school at 9pm today : (

source:, google

Shop ZARA Online

Sep 7, 2011

Yes ! It's official you can shop on I've been waiting for this moment for so long ever
since they announced the launch of their e-commerce website, but of course every other country
could order except for the USA. There are so many things in my shopping cart already, this website
is going to harm my bank account severely. Here are some of favorite things already:

source: zara

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