Fashion Film Friday: Clueless

Aug 31, 2012

 New Segment ! New Segment alert ! With my love for movies and fashion I thought it would only be appropriate to combine both. Who doesn't love Clueless? As Cher Horowitz would say AS IF.
Below are some cute findings from Forever 21 and American Apparel that can be translated as the modern day Clueless outfits. Oh, and remember that outfit-selecting-program Cher had in her closet I still want that. It would make getting dressed so much easier and fun. Have a great Friday !

source: google

Back To School Time

Aug 30, 2012

Here's a little ode to the first day of school. This is the first year I won't be preparing for my first day of school because I graduated last May, I'M FREE ! But I do miss the shopping for back to school supplies, yes I was that geeky kid who loved the smell of new notebooks and pencils. I loved buying a new planner and getting organized. Organization gives me such an adrenaline rush, but anywho isn't that Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake Planner is cute, I might actually have to get that one.

Splurge or Save: Side Panel Dress

Aug 28, 2012

Want to appear slimmer without working a sweat? The side panel dress does just that, well it doesn't work miracles but you do look slimmer and more put together. I recently saw the Stella McCartney version on Alicia Keys and loved it. I'm sorry but miss McCartney sure knows how to make good looking well tailored dresses that fit all different body types. But that price tag ! In comes the Forever 21 version, still attractive, definitely affordable, of course the fabric and construction won't make your body look amazing like the McCartney version, but it'll do and you can still buy yourself that yummy iced caramel macchiato.

A Little Inspiration . . .

Aug 27, 2012

Every morning I read a quote to remember throughout the day and this is the one I read today and decided to share with you guys. I know I hold grudges sometimes, which in my opinion is very dumb of me because at the end I'm exhausted from being angry at someone and they don't even know how angry I am. So, Sir Buddha is on to something here ! Why be angry because you're just making yourself feel horrible, when the other party walks away feeling like they got the best of you. I say just let out one big scream, run on a treadmill, or go to a kick boxing class and get over it.

The Daily Book of Positive Quotations by Linda Picone

The Little Chunky Guy That Made Me Smile

Aug 24, 2012

Well, there was really one main thing that made me extremely happy this week. You see that chunky little guy up there with the bald head his name is Rhys (pronounced Reese) Avery Serrano born August 15, 2012. See this little angel surprised us all because doctors were saying he would need surgery after birth due to his little heart condition. But after a week in the hospital with treatment his heart got all better and he was able to go home to his big brother and big sister. I'm so thankful this little chunk ball got all better by himself not only because he is my god son, but because I couldn't stand hearing the strain in my sister's voice. She has got to be the most positive person I know, but Rhys's birth really got to her. Now, I'm so happy she's happy and her whole little family is happy. I can't wait to see little Rhys and his sore-losing big brother and loud mouth big sister on labor day weekend.

my sister sapphire's blog: my pollitos (aka my little chicks)

Work It Out !!!

Aug 22, 2012

I've really been into working out lately, specifically doing hot yoga and I came across this sports bra looking crop top and thought why doesn't anyone make fashionable activewear. I've seen a lot of active wear with interesting prints but thats about it. The first thing you notice is sweetheart mesh neckline on this top, something you don't see often. I don't know maybe it me but I'm getting tired of just t-shirts and sweats and wish I could come across a fashionable active wear line.

Forever 21 Padded Mesh/Metallic Crop top & Puma Capri Sweat Paint

Some of my recent favorite work out songs:

Good Feeling - Flo Rida
Take Over Control - Afrojack
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (yeah that silly song)
King of Hearts - Cassie
Starships - Nicki Minaj
I Feel Better - Gotye

Lunch Break Craving

Aug 21, 2012

These Alexander Wang boots would make my fall season because I would literally wear them everyday, well I'd kind of have to in order to get as much cost per wear out of these because the price tag is a little on the heavy side. But enough about my just-graduated-from-college-anxiously-waiting-to-get-a-raise-budget because these are sold out. Well, the ones with the gold detail are, of course the one's I love. The all black ones are just as fabulous though, I can't get over that cut out, it just gives the simple Chelsea boot so much edge.

Trend Watch: ABS FAB

 With so many chic cropped bustier tops everywhere I'm feeling the need to get my tummy in shape just to wear one of these bad boys. They were all over the runway for Spring and Summer and I think they can also transition for Fall as well, by just throwing one on top of a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up a little bit messy a-la-man repeller.

Here are just a few of the most budget friendly yet still tasteful bustier tops:


Trend Watch: Driving Miss Paisley

Aug 16, 2012

Playful swirls are everywhere lately in runway shows and in stores. You can find this scarf print on t-shirts, suits, dress, shorts, skirts, everywhere. For a fun paisley collection check out the Jil Sander collection for Spring/Summer 2012.

1. J. Crew Paisley Blouse,  2. J.W Anderson Paisley Print Dress, 3. J. Crew Antique Paisley Shorts, 4. Drakes London Paisley Scarf, 5. Topshop Paisley Tee

Lunch Break Craving

Aug 15, 2012

Currently drooling over this embellished tunic from free people. The fit is so care free and comfortable, but the embellishments give it life. You could wear it with denim cut offs and sandals or with skinny black jeans and tan booties for fall.

Trend Watch: Give'em the Cold Shoulder with Style

Aug 14, 2012

At first when I first saw this trend I was a bit ify (even though its not a real word) about it because some of these tops were to droopy for me. But from looking at these tops the trend grew on me. Its a cool update on the tee and button up for summer without being to over the top. I even bought the one on the top left hand corner in mint the other day.

1. Glamorama Sheer Top from Lulu's 
2. Cold Shoulder Top From Nasty Gal 
3. Plaid Cut Out Blouse from Nasty Gal 
4.Brooklyn Stripe Tee from Nasty Gal 
5. Total Stud Blouse from Nasty Gal 
6. Bailey 44 Top from Saks

A Little Inspiration . . .

Aug 13, 2012

It's Monday, you know the beginning of the week, the day a lot of people dread because they have to go to work again. And it's that whole way of thinking, of dreading that makes starting the week so awful again. Which is why I try to keep positive and think about the things that I do enjoy about work and my life and eventually those good thoughts override the dreadfulness. I can really relate to this quote today because tomorrow we have an appointment at work with a jewelry buyer and the corresponding sales person won't be there for this appointment. So, my boss has asked me to help her out during the appointment, so this is basically my time to show her that I can do sales and hopefully get a client of my own. Fingers Crossed : )

source: pinterest

Splurge or Save: Chloe Ankle Studded Susan Boots

Aug 11, 2012

I'm pretty sure you've seen these boots on many celebrities in magazines as well as on a few bloggers, the infamous Chloe Ankle Studded Susan Boots (on the left). By the heavy price tag you can see why you've mostly seen them only on celebs. But Zara wouldn't be Zara if they didn't make an affordable version for us aspiring fashionistas and in my opinion they are way cutier with the exposed edgy studs and contrasting wooden heel and sole.

source: zara & ssense

Feeling Kind of Blue

Aug 9, 2012

When I first saw this picture on the right of Diane Kruger at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival I immediately thought Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief !!! Out of all the amazing dresses Grace wears in this film this baby blue number has got to be one of my favorites. It was designed by Edith Head the Karl Lagerfeld of the hollywood glamour days. She designed outfits for Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor to Doris Day, basically she designed for all the "It" girls of the time. Anyways, I thought Diane looked like a Grecian goddess and blog worthy in this Giambattista Vallie gown.

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