Twerking in Brooklyn (VMA Favorite Looks)

Aug 26, 2013

 I think these lovely ladies killed it last night in Brooklyn at the MTV Video Music Awards in these fabulous dresses. We all know why the title to this post starts with "Twerking" and it all comes down to one word "Miley". I will not discuss my feelings about that performance because we are all entitled to our own opinions, lets just say it was a performance and no matter what I still love the song "We Can't Stop" as this summer's anthem.

 But to be truly honest I just watched the VMA's for the love of my life Justin Timberlake. 
Loved his mini twenty minute concert, it was a walk down pop memory lane.

And then this happened and I lost it! I was in teeny bopper freaking heaven ladies and gents. 
I sense a reunion tour coming soon and if this is true I'm emptying out my piggy bank for front row tickets.

Happy Monday : )


  1. Mmmm.. I love that white dress :-)

  2. i wa speecheless after watching Miley cyrus performances, i didn't like it at all. JT did it for me.i also liked Kanyes performance though i wished it would have been longer.... check out our blog, if you like we can follow each other in gfc,bloglovin and any social platform. let us know. kisses from Kenya.

  3. I loooove Selena Gomez dress, it's so unique and it was like I'm classy but I'm edgy a little bit! And yes Justin KILLED IT, he made the VMA's, Miley on the other hand made me feel really uncomfortable, I wish she did better because I liked her.. oh well, great round up!


  4. The first one, definately!

  5. Selena's dress is the best in my opinion

  6. Love Selena's Versace dress..o visit my blog and,if you like follow on GFC, Bloglovin,Facebook, Pinterest,Instagram and twitter, leave a comment and I'll follow back !

  7. Fantastic!kisses,carmen

  8. oh selena is looking ah mazing!!

  9. That white Valentino dress is insane!

    x karen

  10. Ahh , that N'sync moment we'd all been waiting for!

  11. I loved Selena's dress and was so happy N'sync performed!

  12. *NSYNC is the only reason I watched too! Otherwise, I just felt super old. LOL. Loved Justin's performance though. It was cool seeing how far he had come. <3


  13. Killer looks!

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  14. NSYNC was really a bit too good to be true. xx

  15. Selena and Taylor look amazing!!
    Bjs, Ana


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