Peplum, Lace & Curls

Aug 16, 2013

I'm not one for taking many pictures of myself because well I'm not as confident as other bloggers. But I figured why not start taking outfit pictures to boost my confidence, this is a fashion blog after all. Sorry for the blurriness of the picture above but I took it a couple of week ago while out in Miami with my iPhone. I'm definitely not going to post outfit pictures everyday because lets be realistic sometimes we wake up and just throw on the first thing in our closets, which I do a lot of. I love fashion but I think comfort for me is more important. Anyways, so yeah that's that. 

Besides starting to take pictures of my outfits I also started wearing my hair natural (curly) about 3 months ago. I'm on this whole natural hair journey to repair my hair from heat damage and honestly I'm tired of frying my hair straight. I'll start posting curly hair products that work for me as well as hair updates.

Happy Friday : )


  1. You're outfit is really cute and your curls are amazing! :)

  2. you should post outfits more!! youre crazy adorable. love this look girl! super cute.

  3. Good for you on wearing your hair natural! As a hairstylist, I love when ladies let their hair go natural. There are so many fun styles to try when it's curly! :) And keep on taking photos girl! Your outfit is totally cute! <3


  4. You should post more photos and your hair is adorable!

  5. very nice!

  6. I think you executed this outfit perfectly! Also, I love curly hair and I wish I had some :)



    <a href=">Southern (California) Belle</a>

  7. Hey girl! I definitely think you should start taking outfit pics! I'm not as confident/comfortable in front of the camera like other bloggers, but overtime you get the hang of it! Love the look and hair:)!

  8. Love the peplum and lace. It looks amazing on you! No reason for you to be shy of the camera -- you wear the clothes well and are clearly very pretty. You'll be hooked on it in no time :)

    xoxo Alison

  9. Looove it! Thats a lovely outfit.
    Great collage.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Have a nice day


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