Lunch Break Craving: As If !

Aug 8, 2013

Okay so who did not want this software for their computers when they saw Clueless for the first time?! Everyone, exactly. Random, I know but every morning I wake up thinking why didn't I choose my outfit for the next day before I went to sleep. But of course I didn't because I'm lazy and I spend a good 30 minutes looking for an outfit every morning.

How cool is this Mac Desktop App called Dress Assistant. I'm seriously considering getting it because 
1. It looks cool 
2. I'm bored like that and 
3. Its just cool and I want it.


  1. I always wanted this thing! Cher had the life man.

  2. I haven't clicked on the link to Dress Assistant yet, but if it is anything like that Clueless program I'm going to jump for joy!!

  3. ha i love clueless!! seems like a fun app


  4. Hi Cindi!

    I'm exactly like you about picking out my outfits the night before - lazy - but the other thing is, I change my mind so much that it would be a futile thing to do because I'd probably want to wear something else in the morning. go figure! I will check out that app when I get a chance, it looks fun!


  5. That app would totally save my life. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac T_T

  6. haha how I miss Clueless! let us know if you get it!


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