Lunch Break Craving: Nook Case & Pinkberry

Jan 9, 2013

I've been reading so many books lately that I have decided that I need a stare worthy case for my lovely nook tablet. If I could spend $80 on a e-reader case without batting an eyelash I would for sure get this Marc by Marc Jacobs case. Which would go perfectly with the Marc by Marc Jacob bag and wallet my boyfriend just got me for Christmas. And you guys haven't gone to Pinkberry already please do so, its so delicious. And this is coming from some who can not stand yogurt. Pinkberry is frozen yogurt but to me it taste like ice cream and their new hazelnut flavor is to die for !


  1. Show your nook some loving and treat it to a worthy case. I just bought myself an awesome case for my new Kindle Fire Hd and I am in love. I love my ereader! Reading any good books?

  2. You're really my kind of gal. Love Pinkberry too. :) One of the stress free moments while waiting to board the plane is hanging out at Pinkberry Dubai Terminal 3 International Airport departure lounge. Yummy.. enjoy!

  3. both look lovely!
    great post my dear!

  4. super cute nook case! would make reading more fun. oh and i loooove pinkberry but we don't have one near us :( just found your blog and i'm a new follower!!

  5. So cute cover!!!


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