Weekly Guide 2.11.13

Feb 14, 2013

Watch: Just saw Warm Bodies this weekend and now I want to read the book. If any of you guys watch The Walking Dead or are into zombies movies or into apocalyptic movies this movie has a cute quirky spin on that concept. R the main zombie in the movie can't remember his name hence the name R, is slowly becoming human again by falling in love with Julie. Julie just so happens to be the daughter of the man organizing to have the zombies killed. R isn't the only zombie becoming human again, there are a bunch of others too and Julie wants to help them because she is slowly falling in love with R too.

Wear: It's been snowing and raining in New York lately so much it makes no sense trying to wear cute shoes because you're just gonna get your socks wet. My hunter boots have been my savior all week.

Read: Vain by Amelie Fisher is a book I must review for you guys real soon, its so freaking good, heart wrenching and eye-opening. Let's just say it starts off like an episode of Gossip Girl, you know rich spoiled girl who is only worried about seducing guys. But she has a reality check and is sent to work at an orphanage in South Africa where her world comes crashing down on her and she realizes what really is important in life.

Eat: Backed potato with cheese, chives, bacon and sour cream yum ! This has been my go to food this week. Its semi-healthy if I stop adding all that bacon and cheese but I can't help it. The ones at Wendy's are soooo good.

Drink: My new go to drink since I want to cut out soda from my life is Cranberry Juice. It's so good and refreshing as well as good for women's health.

Do: Today I'm going to be going to a special dance class they have at my gym called Bokwa. I must admit I am a bit scared but looking forward to it. Bokwa is a class where you draw letters and numbers with your feet while performing an energized cardio workout.

Listen: Gotye got a Grammy for record of the year for "Someone I Used to Know" and that is my song, been listening to it all week. My other favorite song on the Making Mirrors album is "I Feel Better".


  1. Great post! I love my Hunter wellies right now - they have been a lifesaver in the snow hehe.

    Abby x
    Be You and Be Beautiful

  2. Hunter boots are my rain go-to!

    xo Ashley

  3. Nice post! I want to start reading something new so maybe Ill check Vain.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  4. OK–that baked potato looks so yummy! Every fall my family goes to a fair near my hometown and they always have the BEST baked potatoes–I do it right, like you: sour cream, cheese and butter!

    The Glossy Life

  5. Vain looks like a great read. I have not seen Warm Bodies yet..very interesting. Have a great weekend Cindi :)

  6. I saw Warm Bodies too and loved it!

  7. I've been getting a lot of use out of my Hunters too. I am over winter though...I want it to be spring so badly!

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew giveaway!

  8. I'm glad you suggested a book, I've been looking for a new one! Thanks!


  9. Great picks :) love the hunter boots!!

    - J

  10. Haen't read Warm Bodies yet or Vain but I heard it's amazing! Already on my TBR :)


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