Isabel Marant for H&M Leaked Oops! but Yay for us!

Sep 25, 2013

Here it is ladies and gents, Isabel Marant for H&M. November 14th can't seem to get any closer, ugh!
But we can relax and start pinning our favorites of the collection to our Pinterest shopping list boards
because the collection was leaked today. We're all going to be looking like a bunch of chic parisienne
girls who have the I just woke up and threw this on but still look fabulous look down pat 
for Thanksgiving.



  1. I was just looking at the H&M Promo vids for this collection the other night but was disappointed when I didn't see any lookbooks. Thanks so much for sharing, now I know which items I'll be wishing for the most! I think the skirt and dress are my favorite thus far!

    xx Debbie

  2. love the collection! looks amazing
    would you like to follow each other? :)

  3. It was exciting to see the images, I must admit. So nice of her to recreate some of the classic IM pieces, though I am scared to even think of what the shops are going to be like on the day. ;)

  4. Um, yeah. I'm pretty much going to need all of this.

  5. A bit disappointed by the shoes, but the clothes are divine!


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