Cute Kids Take Over The NYFW Front Row

Sep 12, 2013

 Move over editors, celebrities, fashionistas, and bloggers the kids are here. First it was the
 celebrities taking over the front row, then it was the bloggers now these damn cute kids 
with impeccable fashion sense are kicking us out.
How freaking cute does Harper Beckham look in those Dr.Martens and adorable pink dress?! There is
no need to discuss David Beckham I'm pretty sure we can all agree on one thing. The man is gorgeous.
On to Aila Wang the fashionista of the moment. Alexander Wang's niece is just too cute and having her 
uncle as her stylist just makes her a street style photographer's dream. And how cute is her name, Aila.
This might just be my future daughters name, just sayin'. I apologize for the over use of the word "cute".

source: grazia_live instagram


  1. Oh my goodness Aila Wang is freaking adorable

    Indulgera Blog

  2. Harper is the cutest!! I can't even deal with how attractive that family is.

  3. It's literally unfair how freaking gorgeous all the Beckhams are.. Harper is not excluded from this list. And I think that the overuse of the word cute is totally warranted here :)
    Nikki at

  4. I love that Anna Wintour is looking at the little kid in such disdain! What a lunatic! These kids are all looking so adorable! I need to take some tips from these little fashionistas!~

    Holly Foxen Wells

  5. omg!!! i think i just died when i saw that ultra-mini a. wang purse!!! AAAHHH!!! total cuteness overload!!

    Animated Confessions

  6. I just found your blog on IFB :) what a creative post! I am obsessed with Aila there is NOTHING cuter! haha i love it.

    xoNatalie at


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