On My Nook: Wait For You by Jennifer L. Armentrout

May 3, 2013

Read this a while ago but I had to share because its such a sweet, charming, entertaining, sexy read.

I was really surprised how much I really enjoyed this book. I didn't think it was going to sweep me off my feet like it did. First of all let me say I will never look at cookies, milk, and chinese food the same way again, thanks to the gorgeous and sweet Cameron Hamiltion a.k.a Cam.

Avery Morgansten is finally free to live her life thousands of miles away at college. After one tragic Halloween party five years ago that still haunts her until this day she has never been the same. Neither have her friends of parents. She's holding this big secret that has her feeling like she can't breathe and live the life of a normal college girl.

But then she meets Cam, well she doesn't really meet him more like plows right into him on her first day of college knocking over all her books and his. Just what she wanted to slam and trip right into the hottest most charming guy at her college when all she wanted was to remain invisible. When she finally pulls away from Cam and gets her books together, they realize they have the same astronomy class. Let me backtrack for a bit, the reason Avery was in such a rush and slammed into Cam is because she hates to be late. Yup, she's really that anal and paranoid to be around people. And to avoid walking late into a class were everyone's eyes will be on you, she blots. Yup, she literally blots from Cam's side and leaves him hanging with an open classroom door. Avery has never had a boyfriend or really any friends after that Halloween party, so she has no idea how to interact with guys or people in general, which is why she always runs away from her problems.

Turns out not only is Cam her Astronomy partner but also her next door neighbor. For months Cam is sweet to Avery being her friend and constantly asking her out. Avery takes the asking out part as joke because she doesn't really think he would be interested in her. Eventually, she gives in they have one of the most charming relationships I've ever read about. That is until Avery's secret threatens their relationship and she starts to get threatening emails, voicemails, and calls from a horrible part of her past. And what does Avery do you ask when this unbelievably-hot-gorgeous-sweet-charming-steamy-most-perfect-boyfriend-ever asks her about her past? She runs away. But there's something about Cam that has her rethinking her decision.

If you want to read a sweet love story that will have your heart warming up, well this is it. I think I've said sweet in this review about ten times already, that's how just shows how freaking sweet this story is !


  1. Thank you so much for this. It sounds like a perfect novel to get lost in.

  2. Thank you dear for nice advise! Lovely choice!

  3. Thank you dear for nice advise! Lovely choice!


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