Everyday There Is Something To Be Grateful For

Nov 12, 2012

Took a short hiatus to country where I was raised, Dominican Republic, to take my grandmother back and take care of a few family things. Going to a country that is much more less developed then the United States makes you appreciate what you have. Water, electricity, and employment are scarce in this country and people still go out about their day with a smile on their faces because they don't dwell on what they don't have, instead the appreciate what they have.


  1. That looks lovely Cindi. What fascinates me when I go back home is the sense of contentment and the beauty of appreciation for simple things, I normally overlook and take for granted. It keeps me grounded whenever I see that, reminding me of the real important things in life.

  2. I got married in Punta Cana!! I LOVE DR!!!!


  3. Hi Cindi! New follower here. Just had to chime in on this one and say I have to agree - I'm from DR, too (and proud!) and it never ceases to amaze me how in less than mediocre living conditions our people go about life with a smile on their face. :)

    xx, Style Operator


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