Dello Russo Moment

Jun 25, 2012

So, while in Milan shopping at 10 Corso Como, the "It" store to shop at as some would say in Milan I bumped into none other than the Great Anna Dello Russo. Yes, her the lady who dares to wear all those crazy outfits designers make and we all look like who is actually going to wear that, well she does. Also, known as the editor of Vogue Japan. My friend the fabulous Fabiola Michele idolizes this woman and the entire trip was saying I wish I could see her. I was walking around this store and noticed these beautiful floral pants and then I saw her face and I was like noooo can't be what are the chances. After kind of stalking Miss Dello Russo to make sure it was her and not look like a fool, I told Fabiola and I'm telling you her face lit up.To make a long story short Anna is such a sweetheart because the whole time all she could say was "you guys are great you really made my day". Love her and her style. Kudos to this down to earth fabulous fashionista.


  1. How amazing! It's so nice to hear that she's friendly and was so down-to-earth and excited about meeting you two. :)

  2. OMG you are so lucky! That was amazing!


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