Fairy Godmother to be !

Jun 25, 2012

On a quick off fashion side note, I'm gonna be a GODMOTHER ! My older brother and I will be godparents to my sister Sapphire's new little bundle of joy due in August : ) I'm so excited ! I really don't know why because if this just means responsibilities if god forbid something happens to my sister and her husband, but I'm still excited because I'm honored. And I love big chunky babies and my sister can have the cutest chunkiest babies. Enough about me, here is is my sister's blog, it's a very DIY Super Mommy type of blog if you know what I mean. My Pollitos a.k.a My little Chickies.

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  1. Can I like this post a whole lot?!?! You & Alex are going to be AWESOME Godparents. And I'm so glad that you said yes.


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