Luxe for Less: Nautical Meets Grunge

Jun 5, 2014

Okay so I have a bit of a crush on Kylie Jenner basically I just want to raid her closet.
So, remember that show on MTV back when they showed other shows besides, "Sixteen
& Pregnant", "Room Raiders" I would so raid Kylie's room in a non-creeppy way of course.

I just love that she made such a simple dress more edgy with her accessories. I've had
these Deena & Ozzy Peep Toe Lace Up Boots in my Shopping List on Pinterest for a while
and now they're on sale for $29.99 and Kylie is just making me want to get them even more.
 Also, I think the reason I adore everything she wears maybe because of her hair color. 
Unfortunately, I have really sensitive hair and peroxide and my hair do not get along so
hair chalk it is. Have any of you tried hair chalk? How do you like it?

Original Sold Out Everywhere: Bec & Bridge Elements Sleeveless Dress


  1. I need this dress in my life. Great post!

  2. Wow! Great choice! Love this dress!

  3. I've been looking for my summer sandal for this year and I've got my heart set on some ann demeulemeester-alikes. These are a great find and on sale too!

  4. I love grunge anything...well except for hard core grunge :)
    Such a kick ass outfit!

  5. I've been really starting to love her and her style too! Love this look! And want the dress!

  6. That's a cute striped dress!


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