Wedding Wednesday: Truly Zac Posen for David's Bridal

Feb 12, 2014

What bride would not love to have a designer dress and not have to spend the designer bucks?
Umm, this one here thank you very much. Zac Posen is a young talented women's wear designer
known for his beautiful constructed gowns resembling the likes of Dior and Balenciaga. The details
in his designs give a hint of vintage appeal but his colors and fabrics modernize them.

Zac Posen is not new to collaborations, he previous teamed up with Target for a ready-to-wear
collection. This collection for David's Bridal that launched this month features wedding gowns
ranging from $850 to $1,350. And social occasion dress for bridesmaids or prom ranging from
$195 to $225.

Above are a couple of my favorites. How gorgeous is that lavender one in the middle?!

source: glamour


  1. Stop I am slowing dying on this side of the screen! Love this collection
With A City Dream

  2. Soooo pretty! The prices surprised me, I though they would be way more expensive. I think my favorites are #3 & 4.


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