Wedding Wednesday: You're engaged! Now what?

Jan 22, 2014

My first installment of Wedding Wednesday woop woop !
I don't think you guys know how excited I am to be able to finally write about wedding inspiration.
As exciting as wedding planning maybe if you're not organized and let planning take over your life it
becomes stressful. I've only been engaged a little over a month and I'm feeling the stress just thinking
about expenses and future plans. So, I just want to share my journey with you guys and if any of you
know of any cool helpful websites feel free to tell me, all the tips and inspirations are truly appreciated.

So, you've waited for this moment "The Ring", now what? Getting the ring was the easy part girl now
it's time to actually plan. But there's no need to freak out because engagements can be long and in the
course of a year or two you can definitely plan a gorgeous wedding without losing your mind. Listen to
me talking about this like I know, anyways after you tell all your loved ones the good news its
time you sit down with that lovely person that gave you that gorgeous sparkler and get to planning.

First, just agree on a wedding date range. You know like, are you more of a summer or winter
wedding girl? Picking a season is always good because you can start brainstorming possible decor.
Even getting down to the year is better because you have a specific time span. And if you can
agree on an actual date even better so start that countdown.

Next, budget. Don't freak out relax you have enough time to save no need to get hitched tomorrow.
Decide on a budget you're both comfortable with and then be sure to budget in a 10% to 20% overage
because usually lets be honest weddings go a little bit over and this way there will be no surprises.

And now, the fun part INSPIRATION ! I love me some Pinterest. Call me young, naive whatever you
want but I don't know what brides-to-be did before Pinterest. I know there're magazines and you can
tear out sheets which I have done so already. But having millions of images at your finger tips and just
having to 'click' and viola it's in your own wedding inspiration board is so easy. Don't get me wrong
magazines are great inspiration but don't sleep on those wedding sites and blogs there are so many
amazing ones. Just to name a few: Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Snippet & Ink, Grey Likes Weddings,
Brooklyn Bride, and Enfianced.

Lastly, enjoy yourself and your significant other throughout the whole process because this is suppose
to be a fun time in your life. Ultimately something you will remember for the rest of your life and its
a blessing to have a beautiful wedding memory.


  1. Sounds like a military operation! :) Hope you enjoy the process! x

  2. Wedding planning can be a daunting task so definitely try to sit back and enjoy as much as you can! xx

  3. Great tips! I'm not engaged, but I'm always pinning things for my dream wedding lol. Maybe my boyfriend will take a hint and pop the question...eventually haha. I also like to browse through dress stores and start planning things like bridesmaids dresses in addition to planning out my own wedding dress.

  4. Great post, very interesting !!



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