Fall TV Show Line-up

Sep 6, 2011

This Fall's television line-up has me so freaking excited. Think what you want but I'm excited
because this summer was so boring for television besides Project Runway and True Blood of
course. So yeah I'm excited because with school and work the stress is building and good
television broadcasting will be my escape every night.
So here's the break down of some new
shows I'm excited for and my favorites returning.

Let's just say if I don't get home on time from class tonight to watch the season 4 premiere
of the Rachel Zoe Project I might just DIE !
Bravo @ 10pm Sept. 6

Must I explain myself really? You obviously know from reading the beginning of this post that
I am obsessed with True Blood. Vampire Diaries is my PG-13 version of True Blood.
And I can't get enough of Damien'sbaby blues.
CW @ 9PM Sept. 15

This one I'm excited for it seems like Mad Men in the air, plus their outfits are too cute and retro.
ABC @ 10pm Sept. 25

Another show I'm hoping turns out as good as Mad Men.
NBC @ 10 pm Sept. 20

If any of you guys were a fan of Chris on Project Runway then maybe you'll like his
new show Mad Fashion. P.S did you see his designs he did for Sonia on Real Housewives
of New York, one word Cute.
Bravo @10pm Oct. 4

If you're a fan of Chelsea Lately then you'll love Whitney she's too funny and her comedic timing
is just perfect. I'll be watching this as a pick me up.
NBC @ 9:30pm Sept. 22

No explanation needed, Gossip Girl a must. JUST WATCH IT !
CW @8PM Sept. 25

I really hope there will be a fourth season because this show is just too good. I use to judge thinking
how good could it be, but let me tell you its amazing. I even got my boyfriend to watch it : )
FOX @ 8PM Sept. 20

I'm so so so so freaking excited for this show. Fashion Hunters is like the fashion version of Pawn
Stars with lots and lots of Chanel. If you have time check out the promo it looks so good.
Bravo @10:30pm Oct. 4

The whole dynamic of this show seemed interesting. A girl just getting dumped and having 3 cool guys
give her advice on dating, I mean who wouldn't want the perspective of a man when trying to figure them out.
FOX @ 9pm Sept. 19

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  1. I love The Rachel Zoe Project!! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to visit my fashion blog anytime! thecabinetoffashion.blogspot.com


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