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Dec 6, 2009

Fernando & Victor Photography captures fashion and culture all in one. They are Dominican photographers in Dominican Republic and go by the name of Fernando Santos and Victor Nicolas. The specialize in fashion production, advertising, and publicity campaigns. To see more of their amazing work go to :

The marina, the ocean, the palm trees, the aquarium, these two photos embody all of it.
Typical attire for young little girls in Dominican Republic. This brings back the memories of when my mother and aunt use to dress me up in these big puffy skirts and dresses. And they would tie my hair with a million little barrettes and bows. By the end of the day I looked like a
3 year-old hot-mess, because they would tie my hair so tight I would spend the whole day picking at them.

La Banca: I love these photo's, being of Dominican descent you definitely get a bit homesick looking at these three photos. La Banca is a lottery kiosk literally in like every corner in Dominican Republic. Yes, we are obsessed with gambling and making money. I love how they are able to display high fashion and still incorporate with the real culture of the country. I'm not talking about museum type of culture, but blue collar culture, the people who make up the majority. Plus, every Banca is painted in multiple neon colors so gamblers can see them from a mile away. They do make some interesting and eye-catching backgrounds.


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